I’ve been reading through old copies of DF recently in order to gain inspiration for the up coming issue. We’re due to go to print in three days and the issue is coming together nicely, but I went off looking for a bit of filler from some old copies. I read issue 5 and issue 12 as well as one from around 1994 and another at the turn of the century.

Reading back it made me realise that the filler I was looking for wouldn’t be suitable to use, because we don’t want to bring back a ‘best of’ collection with a few new jokes in. We want to bring back the Deranged Ferret fanzine, a fanzine representative of fans views and opinions. We want to bring back a cultural snapshot of the team from that time, not a comic book or a travel guide. Roger Bates crucially wrote “we still need continued contributions from as many people as possible to remain representative of Imps fans views”. It was important then that DF wasn’t just a collection of Rogers views, just as it should not be a collection of me or Ben’s opinions alone. That means contributions from 1990 are not what we need to make the new DF as relevant as it was before. We need your views.

There’s still time to win this little lot, just subscribe by sending £18 to derangedferret16@gmail.com or sending me a cheque for the same amount. Don’t forget to include your address.


So I’m going to push back printing by a week until Tuesday July 5th in order to ensure you’ve all had a chance to be a part of this.

It really doesn’t matter what you write about. Don’t like Alan Power and have a good argument why? Write a bit about it. Angry we don’t have our proper home end? Angry people still want a home end? Write about it. Send it to me. Don’t trust the trust still? Maybe you are the Trust and want to reach out fans. Write. Write. The kit, the new backroom staff, your favourite away game last season, your stance on the food, your stance on the Echo coverage…. Write about it and send it to me. This isn’t just a comment on a Facebook page, destined to disappear in the next ten days never to be seen again. This isn’t you telling your mate over a pint to be forgotten ten minutes later. This is to be published in a Lincoln City fanzine that will be kicking around someone’s collection in twenty years time. This could be read by your kids and serve as a permanent reminder of your (hopefully well argued) views on Lincoln City.

So send in your opinions on anything and everything this weekend to derangedferret16@gmail.com. If you don’t you’ll essentially be served up a fanzine representative of just three peoples views at present, which isn’t representative at all.

Thanks to all those who have subscribed to the new DF and thanks to those who have volunteered to sell on match day. It may not sound rewarding but it is, you’ll meet a broad spectrum of other Imps fans and hopefully a few visitors as well. I’ll also buy you a pint if I’m about. Get in touch if you’re going to the Reading friendly and want to be part of the return of DF.