The merry-go-round starting soon

After progressing in the FA Trophy our attentions are immediately switched back to our Boxing Day clash away at Guiseley. However that match is five days away, and at some point in the next 48 hours the future of tricky winger Harry Anderson is set to be decided.

Firstly a word on last night, or rather two words: Job done. I don’t like to shout about it but I did call a rest for Woodyard, and I called maximum minutes on the pitch for Whitehouse and Marriott. Okay I admit at first I also suggested cup tied Taylor Miles might get a run out as well, so I guess I’m not the all-knowing Lincoln City pundit I profess to be! 2-1 though, and their one did look like a foul on Farman, but it’s on to the next round. How long has it been since Lincoln went into a new year still fighting in three competitions? It’s been a long while since we got to New Year and really had anything to play for other than relegation avoidance.

On to the crux of todays musings. I’ve been trying to get a ‘heads up’ from a few of my Peterborough contacts to see if they have the inside track on the Harry Anderson’s future, but considering his form just two leagues below them they seem incredibly blasé about the possibility. If it were the fans deciding whether he returned or not I suspect we would have him until the cows come home.

It isn’t though, it’s Peterborough and we all know Barry Fry is no friend of the club when it comes to transfer dealings. since 1994 when he played hard ball over a striker called Gary Jones he’s always been a (rather jolly) thorn in the Imps side. Battling for the affections of Keith and his players, battling for more money over Francis Green and even as far back as 1988 battling in the literal sense of the word as we beat Barnet 2-1. Barry Fry might be a larger than life character in the football world, but he’s no friend of Lincoln City when it comes to doling out the favours.

Going, going, gone?


I’m told Grant McCann isn’t adverse to Harry remaining with City, but with the ‘Big Bazza’ factor taken into consideration I can’t see him staying here. It was Fry who travelled to Sincil Bank to watch him a couple of weeks ago, and I think he’ll be keen to see Anderson playing league football in the near future, even if it is with a League Two club. We know the standard isn’t that different, but there is more kudos playing for a league club. This isn’t even necessarily with a view to rejoining Peterborough in the long run, but Barry Fry is a money man. Six months in the Football League will add value to his player.

My little birds tell me Cambridge have been looking at him recently too, and that represents an opportunity to have him building up league appearances and potential transfer value.. I hope I’m wrong, but I suspect the next 48 hours will see Harry return to Posh. The cynic in me even thinks perhaps one of last nights goal scorers, Terry Hawkridge, has had an extended run in the first team to prepare for this very occurrence.

So what then for Lincoln? Ever since the cash boost from the FA Cup run we’ve played our cards very close to our chest, perhaps hoping if we stay quiet clubs won’t play hardball with us. Also our targets in this league may interest League clubs, so there will be some reluctance to accept bids from Lincoln City before teams from League Two can join the race in January. That said I imagine we’ll pay the right price for the right player, and if Anderson goes I think the right player is one we’ve already seen at City this season.

The name Ebou Adams might not mean much to many of you. He’s a young midfielder who made the move from Dartford to Norwich City not long ago, but in the last few days he’s joined Braintree on loan. He’s a pacey midfielder who specialises in finding width and beating players. My mind began to wander, if Braintree have brought in a wide player on a months loan, does it mean they are looking to replace one of their players? Maybe one who has already been told he can go for the right price? One who is well known to our managers after playing for them last season? One who is out of contract and could move for free in six months?

Is Sim Akinola on his way to catch the Lincoln Loco?

Destined to play in the same shirt for the next six months?


My theory goes like this; DC gets an indication that Anderson’s loan won’t be extended. He’s already spoken to Hakan Hayrettin about Akinola once this season as we know, so he knows what they value the player at. Remember Akinola is out of contract at the end of the season, and I’m sure Braintree would rather have some cash now than lose him for free in the summer, especially if that cash helps their survival chances this campaign.

After our game on Saturday DC said he was after attacking players, was he actually referring to an Anderson replacement? If so let’s assume (dangerous, makes an ass of u and me, but I’m already an ass so whatever) he chats to Braintree and a fee is agreed…. they go out and fill the role ahead of their busy Christmas schedule. Anderson’s return is announced just before Christmas, but fans are almost immediately appeased as Akinola is unveiled at the same time. Negativity over Anderson’s return is avoided and we’re all still on board the Lincoln Loco without even stopping at Uncertainty Station.

Maybe this is just one blogger getting carried away with rumour and half truth. Maybe I can already taste the first of many Christmas jars of jungle juice from the Cardinals Hat tonight (6.30 onwards if you’re feeling generous). Maybe I’m right. Who knows?

I hope Harry doesn’t go, he has the ability to change games with his direct running and acute eye for goal. He’s had a great run here and looks every inch a full fledged first team player. He could have a good future if he makes the right choices over the next eighteen months or so with regard to where he plays his football.

One thing we can be sure of, whatever happens with Harry Anderson the manager won’t let his role go unfilled, and he won’t let it affect this tremendous unbeaten run we’ve embarked on. There’s no reason why we can’t take 4,000 to Ipswich with this run firmly intact. We’ll only do it by keeping the squad close knit, adding players who have the right personality as well as skills and of course, by playing good football.

I don’t doubt we’re able to do all three.


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  1. Gary

    This is a particularly fascinating read full of conjecture but very careful thought well thought through.

    A football world without Barry Fry would be a lot better place for all concerned .

    Regards Steve Lovell

  2. Can’t believe I’m saying this but…

    I was speaking to Barry Fry when he was at Lincoln and he pointed out that he was paying Harry’s wages. So he was doing us a favour. Fair point I thought.

    Was also quite touching to see him embracing Colin Murphy.

    Maybe he used to hate us but I got the impression he had moved on.

  3. It would be nice to keep Anderson until the season end and buy Akinola at the same time and then be sure the Lincoln Loco would be full steam ahead to Division 3 come what May .

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