Let’s not be bitter

It’s official, Harry Anderson is no longer an Imp. After an impressive loan spell he has been recalled by Peterborough, with speculation mounting he is on his way to Notts County to get some league football.

I think it is easy for fans to immediately jump on Peterborough’s back, claiming they’re doing us no favours and lamenting the loss of Anderson. For us football is an emotive and involved game where the club means as much to us as say, our Mum and Dad, or our kids. Lincoln City are part of the family, in my house I have more pictures related to the Imps on my walls than I do the family. They are my family.

However, for many football is simply a business, and players are a commodity within that business. Peterborough have an asset that has grown in value over the last six months, but for further growth he has to be playing league football. That is fact, whether we like it or not. We know the standard is high down in this league, but many think the National League is just a division of has-beens, wannabes and chancers. If Harry Anderson plays well at our level he gets noticed by clubs at our level, but for real commercial value he has to be in the ‘big leagues’. It doesn’t matter that Lincoln City could beat 95% of League Two on their day, we’re still non-league.


Barry Fry and the guys at Posh are hedging their bets. They’ll realise his development here has been good, but they also know if he’s featuring in the Football League he will probably accrue value. If he continues to develop, then he might end up a first team player at Posh. Even if he plateaus and just achieves a level of consistency, he become visible to a whole new market. Six months performing in League Two makes him more saleable than another six months in our league.

We are not the team that discovered Anderson, we’re not the team the developed him from a youngster and brought him through the ranks. We’ve had his help for six months and that is purely through the generosity of the Peterborough staff. There’s no need for bitterness or anger, I’m afraid that is football.

If a Football League club has expressed interest in the player then it is a good move for him. We may be on the up, we may have the best current form in all of Europe, we may have our best management team for a decade, but we do still play in the National League. With the greatest of respect we do still have to travel to places such as Nantwich and play in front of less than a thousand fans. Unfortunately for us the positivity surrounding the club at the minute is localised, until we get promoted in May then we are still a non-league club and in business terms, Harry Anderson has accrued all the value he can here.

I’m sure the Cowley brothers have (Tur)gott someone in mind to come in anyway, a player akin(ola) to Anderson, fast and direct who can play on either wing. We’ll wait and see.

Thank you Harry for everything you have done for the club, and thank you to Peterborough for loaning him to us.


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