Over reaction to TB Tweet

It seems the clamour for tickets for tomorrow nights clash with Ipswich all got a bit much for one Imps fan. Lincolnshire Live (the Echo if you’re not up to speed) have reported that he posted a tweet wishing TB on anyone caught reselling tickets at more than face value.

Harsh? Maybe. Fido is a prospective Conservative Councillor for Hartsholme Ward, and doubtless his comments won’t stand him in good stead for the upcoming elections in May. Obviously since the furore started he’s deleted his tweet and apologised, as most people who post incredibly offensive tweets do.

Now whilst I’m sure many people will want to condemn the Imps fan, I’m not going to be so quick. He’s obviously not entirely ‘social media savvy’, but in a moment of anger it is all too easy these days to post something you regret. It’s also incredibly hard to erase anything posted, especially given how easy it is for people wanting to cause trouble to take a screen shot. I should know, a vindictive and hateful person with a grudge caused me immense pain over a few stupid posts I made in 2010. It almost ruined my career at the time, and I don’t think too much should be made of these comments.

During the course of my blog I’ve had to find pictures of John Wilkes Booth and now the TB bacteria. Odd for a football blog.


The truth is anyone making a profit on tickets is a terrible person, and whilst I wouldn’t wish a killer disease on them, I wouldn’t mind too much if they went through a period of immense discomfort and borderline pain. Piles maybe, or cold sores on their special parts. Perhaps that would be more fitting, something they can recover from ideally. I don’t think making £10 profit is punishable by death, but then again neither is a throwaway remark on Twitter.

Lincolnshire Live have a habit of picking up stories from social media, so I make no apologies for picking up my stories from them, and in this instance most of my facts as well. They claim Matt is a former Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School pupil, so he’s from good stock as it was the same place I was schooled. Coupled with his love of the Imps I think he should be let off.

My take on this is thus: What is the world coming to when a mans comments on social media are enough to spawn not just a news story, but also a retort on a blog such as mine? It’s not even a slow news day, what with the biggest crowd due at Sincil Bank since we went all-seater in 1999 tomorrow.

I hope Matt got a ticket, I hope the person that sold him it either made no profit, or survived their bout of TB and most of all I hope to hear no more about it.