It’s match day

Match day – by guest writer Matthew Wilson 

It’s 9am on Saturday 28th January 2017. I’ve just negotiated the logistical nightmare of 2 children engaged in different activities at opposite ends of the city and I’m now sat in my car on the Allenby industrial estate writing this on my phone.

I’m nervous, excited, on edge and so much more. A plethora of emotions coursing through me as every possible outcome fizzes around inside my head. I’ve spoken with plenty of people this week about what this afternoon might hold. A lot has been made of Brightons premier league push and the FA cup being a sideshow. How Chris Houghton will send out his ‘B’ team, his focus purely being achieving premier league status. But what about our own push for football league status? As for the FA cup being a sideshow, seriously? In my eyes we’re still in the greatest cup competition in the world. Yes, it could be considered a distraction but what a distraction to have. Look at the coverage our team and city are getting. It’s incredible. Little old Lincoln is all over the national media. They’re talking about us, Lincoln City Football Club.

By tea time tonight it will all be done and dusted. Might there be an away day to Brighton? (I’ve 2 holiday days left at work just in case) Could the Imps smash it and head into the last 16 dreaming of premier league opposition?

I’m not even going to think about the 3rd possibility because come 3pm today, when that whistle goes, it’s 11v11 for 90 minutes. Can our 11 heroes in red and white (alright one in pink. Love you Paul!) puff their chests out and stand once more to be counted? I think so. Can we, the supporters, raise the roof on Sincil Bank once more and drive them into the next round? Definitely. This is the FA cup and we are Lincoln City.