The Stacey West Magazine (working title)

After conducting the survey the other night I have been convinced that a printed magazine may be well received, and therefore I am pressing ahead with the project.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey, it really is appreciated. I had 340 responses which is superb, and 61% of you said you’d buy every issue, with another 33% saying you’d buy occasionally. I think that’s enough for me to press ahead, it is significantly more responses than I got for the survey I did in September about my book.

Congratulations to Daniel Purdy who has won the signed shirt, but thank you to everyone who entered. My sincere apologies to Paul Stallebrass who probably wanted to win it more than anyone!

My initial plan is to do a ‘pilot’ copy and see how well received it is. If I achieve the sales target for the first one then I’ll commit to a proper schedule and offer up subscriptions. The survey has suggested a price of around three pounds, and for it to be fortnightly. I won’t commit to timescales yet until I know how tough putting a copy together actually is!

I will definitely be including lots of Lincoln City stuff, but there was also a resounding need for a focus on the local Sunday League as well. I guess since the green ‘un disappeared there hasn’t been a lot of local Sunday League coverage, so hopefully I can include a bit of that. I’ll do some of the usual blog stuff too, and I’ve had some contact with people regarding help. Thank you if you were one of the people to message me directly, hopefully I’ve replied to you all and I will be looking to tap you up for all the help offered. I’ve also had confirmation that I’ll be able to bring exclusive match photographs, not just from this season but delving back into the archives as well.

I’ll be running nostalgia articles too, much the same as the blog. If you’re a blog reader don’t worry as I still intend to update here as well. This is my 100% Lincoln City forum, but the magazine will encompass other clubs within the City limits, and have exclusive content. There wasn’t a call for me to cover Gainsborough and Boston at this stage, which is great because they’re a bloody long drive from Louth!

In order to print a trial issue I’ve set up a crowd funder, and any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. The first issue will incur costs, and without valuable advertising revenue in the first instance I can’t stand those myself. I’m really touched that there’s already £93 been pledged so far, thank you if you are one of those people. I’ve set a target of £500 which will allow me to go to print on an initial run of 350 copies. If it’s successful, then hopefully it can be a regular part of Lincoln’s football scene for many years to come.

So please do pledge to get at least one issue off the ground. I think the demise of the Sports Echo left a big hole in the local football scene, and whilst the internet means match reports can be brought to you much quicker, there is no printed publication that offers in depth Imps analysis, as well as promoting the grass roots game in the city.

There’s a couple of things I could do with help on:

  • If you are the manager of a Sunday League side and you would like to feature in the pilot issue, please give me a shout. I’m planning on coming to a game, taking a few match photo’s and speaking to a couple of players. I want to highlight the characters in our non-league scene, the undiscovered talent and the amusing stories. I want to provide much more than a results and league table service, I really want to cast a spotlight on the local amateur game.

  • If you are a whizz with Microsoft Publisher or feel you can offer me some guidance on designing a really good magazine then please also get in touch. I’ve spoken to one very helpful chap (cheers Tim) but I’m looking for someone who might be in Lincolnshire who can offer me a quick crash course, or recommend software. You’ve probably seen DF, I need this to look much more professional.

  • Are you a small business, or work for a larger business? I am going to be looking for regular advertisers, for full page ad’s, half page and smaller business card size. I don’t want to swamp the mag with many adverts, but I do need to keep a steady income stream. If you want to advertise, or know someone who might please get in touch.

If you can help on any of the above, or you think you can help in another way please give me a shout I may not get back to you immediately given that I also work full time, but I will get back to you as soon as I can. The offers of help have already been great, I find it humbling that people are willing to help me try and achieve my dream.

In the meantime if your do want to see a publication like I’ve described please do pledge. £3 gets you a guaranteed first edition, and if it does take off that could be worth money in a few years time. I will be providing an online service for those of you living away, but again you may have to sit tight while I figure out how that works!

Thank you all for your on going support with my attempts to get into writing full time, I appreciate the fact I have such a loyal and helpful readership.