End of season book

As I’m sure I’ve already mentioned I am planning on releasing my second book in the next few weeks. It’ll be a collection of the blogs charting our marvellous season, starting with a thank you to Chris Moyses and ending on May 19th with the Player of the Year awards.

I’m anticipating being on Amazon by the end of May, details will appear on here in due course. As it was never intended for release I have decided to donate 25% of all the proceeds to the Future Imps Fund as well. It seems appropriate to give something back to the club that has given us so much this season. The main picture isn’t the actual cover by the way, just a draft I’ve been working on. I’m no graphic designer.

The book will basically be the best blogs from the season, bound together with month by month league tables and results. I’ve written a few new pieces for it as well, and it’ll be the same size and print as the last one. This isn’t some sort of ego trip on my behalf, it was never my intention to put this out. After receiving numerous emails and even face to face enquiries I have decided there is a market for it.

I’m going to be ordering 50 copies for distribution by me as I did last time. However, this time around those 50 copies will have a limited edition front cover as well as being signed and numbered. Again as the publication date gets closer I’ll let you know how to lay your hands on one if you want one.

As a tribute to you all I’d like to include a thank you to each of my blog readers, by name, in the book. If you’d like to be acknowledged as one of the people who has supported the blog all season then please drop me an email derangedferret16@gmail.com with your name.

This book is for all of you, and I’d like to have your name included in there. After all a blog is nothing without readers, and throughout the season you have contacted me or said hello in person every week. I’m a sentimental ginger fool and your support is worth the world to me, so please let me know who you are so I can stick your name in the book.



  1. Looking forward to it, Gary. Get in there before the Echo compiles its “Season Review” in their predictable format that’s filthy to read & impossible to look after. This period deserves better & we’re fortunate to have you around, Gary, to take care of that. Thanks & UTI!

  2. Something tells me you might get avalanched with orders for this! Great idea can’t wait to try and get one

  3. It’s so necessary and it’s great that you’re doing it!
    Without wishing to sound like emotion is getting the better of me (something I’ve been accused of a lot of recently!) I think it is only appropriate that you do this – you have been a core part of the enjoyment of this season!

    • Thank you Julian. Your support doesn’t go unnoticed, you are perhaps my most prolific retweeter. Thank you

  4. Brilliant idea Gary, you’ll give the true supporters perspective, it’ll sell a few thousand

  5. Would love to get one of these. Have enjoyed the blogs all season. I think I told you very drunkenly outside the Blackstock in Seven Sisters Road before the Arsenal game.

  6. Gary I have loved your blogs, they have given me insight, made me think and added to my enjoyment of this incredible season. Thank you for taking the time and the trouble ~ it is much appreciated

  7. Awesome idea Gary, I can’t wait. Great to meet you the other day. I’m still buzzing back in Perth. Thank you for your efforts throughout the season it makes me feel a lot closer to the club! UTI!

  8. Nice one mate – I’d definitely like a copy. This has been one hell of a season and its difficult to imagine if there could ever be another one like it so good to have a step by step of the season evolving. Maybe 2017-18 could be another great year – that way you could make this an annual event. Cheers Gary

  9. Gary, this is great news. Your blog has been part of my daily routine all season – I love it! You can count on me doing my utmost to get a copy at the earliest opportunity.

  10. Gary – You might have to do more than 50 signed copies. This is already looking like a blockbuster collector’s item. And thanks for your colourful commentary all through the year, which makes feel like I’m right there, even when I am not.

  11. Please sign me up for a copy. My dad is getting your first book for his 84th birthday on Monday. Have you considered a hardback edition for such an important publication? Thanks

  12. I agree, 50 is not going to be anywhere near enough! Thanks for keeping an London-dwelling Imp right up with the action all season….

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