The Season in Blogs is finally here

The wait is finally over, I am now in a position to start delivering copies of my ‘Season in Blogs’ book. What a wonderful Father’s Day present this would make, eh?

Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered, signed copies are currently going out in the post. I have a few to work through though, so please bear with me. I’m currently signing and posting 20 copies per day. I’m using my local Post Office, and the post mistress runs a shop on her own there too! I’m trying to be fair on her workload, but I should have all my current orders out by Tuesday. I will make sure all copies ordered over the next week or two are delivered well in advance of Fathers Day.

I have to say even I am impressed with this book, if I do say so. It is easy to lose sight of what a great season we have just had, and reliving one or two of the moments again through my blogs was really emotional. I proof read it twice and got more than one lump in my throat. I prefer it to my last book, being completely honest!

If you’ve ordered and not yet paid, I’ll be in touch shortly to check you still want your copy.

If you’d like to order this book, there are two ways to do it.


It is available through Amazon here and for every sale through this medium I will be donating £1 to the Future Imps fund.

Direct from me

You can also order through me directly and get a signed copy. To do that please email with your address, who you’d like it signing to and your preferred payment method. I can accept PayPal, cheque or bank transfer. I’ll reply within 24 hours with confirmation and to collect payment. They’re £13.99 each, plus £4 postage and packaging.

I currently have 50 unclaimed copies waiting to be ordered from me, and for each of those I sell I will donate £2 to the Future Imps Fund.

If you haven’t got a copy of the Who’s who of Lincoln City 1993-2016, it is still available through Amazon here.


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