Danny: Don’t Panic

Losing a long-serving player is never a good thing, and irrespective of your thoughts on Alan Power’s ability, losing a committed and passionate player from the ranks is always going to draw certain fans ire. For the record, I think we’re losing a very talented midfielder as well as a strong character.

I can understand how some people are getting edgy, but it is completely misplaced. Yes, the new season is closing in rapidly, but traditionally business was normally done later on in the summer anyway. I remember in 2005 when Keith Alexander announced five new faces on July 1st, deals that had been done and dusted for a while but weren’t announced until late in the summer. That year we made the play-offs, something we’d all class as a phenomenal success in May 2018.

I also have complete trust in our management team, after all I think they’ve earned enough credits to be given the benefit of any doubts some of you have. These are intelligent and hard-working men, their preparation for matches is meticulous and exhaustive: what makes anybody think their approach to this pre-season is any different?

I’ve exchanged messages with Danny tonight, and he has a message for the readers of the Stacey West.

“Tell everyone not to panic. we are about to announce some really great signings! UTI”

It’s simple, it’s to the point but Danny Cowley has never lied to us. He has never filled us with false hope or empty promises. If he says we’re about to unveil great signings, who are we to disbelieve him? Last season we pulled Nathan Arnold and Sean Raggett out of the bag far later in the summer than now, and I have no reason to suspect the next couple of weeks will be any different.

Clive Nates has dropped a teaser tonight as well, tweeting:

“It doesn’t happen often but sometimes there are days when it all just comes together.”

There are some that say that could be about anything, but consider this. Of his last twenty tweets or retweets going back until April, every single one has been about football, and I only stopped there because I got bored counting. Two or three were about Everton, otherwise they were all directly related to goings on at Lincoln City. In truth I have never seen a tweet from him about anything other than football or Lincoln City. It’s safe to assume he was talking about our club, and tied with Danny’s remarks that gives me a massive amount of hope for the next few days.

The club have some ‘warm climate’ training organised in an as-yet unspecified foreign country. I understand that is due to take place in early July, and as next Saturday is July 1st, we can assume that once this weekend has concluded, we shall be hearing news of players coming in. Will there be an announcement on Saturday? Of that I’m not sure, but I am down at Sincil Bank all day on Monday and I wouldn’t mind betting I’ll see a new face or three whilst I’m down there.

So don’t panic, enjoy your weekend and stay safe in the knowledge that these guys have got it covered. Last year they were FA Cup quarter finalists and League winners, they know how to manage a football club. We should get back to what we’re good at, speculating wildly about who we might be about to sign and drinking the evenings away.

Tomorrow you’ll not see too much from me, I’m throwing a party for a few friends and I don’t plan on being able to talk coherently by the time the sun goes down, let alone type things you want to read. I suggest you all go out and enjoy the weekend too, because I believe early next week the future of Lincoln City FC is going to start getting even brighter than it is now.

Deep down I’m hoping it’s Billy Knott and Harry Anderson. Maybe Josh Ginnelly as well, and I see Matt Green still doesn’t have a club either. Go on, you know you want to speculate too.

Photo courtesy Sarah Batt


  1. I’ve grown quite annoyed with the negativity of certain individuals on Banter regarding the lack of new signings. I’m in a completely different place as regards the Imps these days and don’t understand why others aren’t. Calmness is the new panic with the Cowleys in charge.

  2. End of last season some supporters were starting to question the teams Danny had played, I even heard some saying we wouldn’t finish top and they wouldn’t pay to watch such a rubbish team again. Even after such a fantastic season there were still those that thought they could do better than Danny. It was upsetting hearing this but I decided to totally shut out the negative . I told myself Danny knows best and not to panic. This will be my mantra for the coming season also.

  3. Danny can do no wrong in my eyes. Whatever I think, he knows better. That said, I was becoming really twitchy today. I can’t explain why. So, thank you Gary. I shall sleep well tonight. You have performed an important public service!

  4. That’s fine by me if they don’t want to come back. With over 5,000 season tickets sold do we need them. I live down south and can’t get to probably half the games due to work commitments so the more tickets available on general sale the better. Meanwhile just let Danny get on with his business and have 100 percent trust, he won’t let us down. UTI

  5. I have total faith in the Management & Board we have in place. I also have faith in Gary eye for an “exclusive”. Next week will be the one. UTI.

  6. A very encouraging message from Danny Cowley at a time when I was beginning (only beginning though) to become edgy. Calming words to the supporters at such a time are very very welcome. Now we’re no longer edgy just excited. Thanks for being the means of so much oil poured onto troubled waters Gary.

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