As if by magic….

I’ll confess, I was getting fidgety. After predicting a signing today it had gotten dangerously close to the end of play without anything happening, I wondered if your favourite Imps blogger was going to be left with egg on his face.

Luckily for me, in more ways than one, we’ve snared the signature of exciting wide man Jordan Maguire-Drew on a season long loan. As predicted, it’s a new face. As predicted, it’s a wide man, and true to form it is a player who will add value to the current squad. Immense value.

JMD, as he’ll be called from here on in, banged in 15 goals for Dagenham last season, proving he can hack football at a lower level. He’s a special talent, he’s got the skills to slide down the wing, but the end product to ensure his tricks and pace don’t go to waste. He’s developed at a good rate too, last season he was a lynchpin in the Dagenham assault on the play-off race and the natural step for him was football league.

I’m led to believe we weren’t the only ones in for him, we’d be naïve to believe we were, but the player has decided City are a good fit for him and vica versa. Maybe he just fancied a holiday in Portugal!

I’ve already blogged about JMD here and whatever the delay has been, we’ve finally got our man. He isn’t coming here to sit on the bench and make up the numbers, he’ll have his eyes on a first team place. That’ll be two Premier League youngsters we have on the flanks now along with Josh Ginnelly, and with Nathan Arnold a sure-fire first team player the competition looks frightening, even more so when you consider Danny will want one more before the big kick off.

Maguire Drew does offer options down the centre as well, you don’t score 15 goals if you haven’t got a bit of versatility to your game. Last season when we needed a makeshift striker it was often Nathan who shifted into the middle, but I can see JMD being ‘that guy’ should we need to switch things up in games. However, Danny likes to label players as one or the other (Muldoon being an example) and so it’s unlikely we’ll see him shifted to and fro from game to game. My feeling is he’s here as a wide man, he’s here to add pace and end product to the flanks and only in the event of unforeseen circumstance will he be deployed down the middle.

The arrival of JMD has been met with widespread approval already by fans, I’ve had a personal message declaring his arrival is a ‘dream’, whilst others have commented that he is a ‘great signing’. The only word of caution I would offer is that he can be recalled in January, so we could be faced with a ‘Harry Anderson’ situation where h has significant impact before being dragged back to his parent club kicking and screaming. Of course his is a minor point, I’d rather have six months of goals and crosses than nothing at all.

Welcome to Sincil Bank Jordan, another piece of the League Two puzzle slots into place.


  1. Loved them to bits, but on the basis that Angol was never ours anyway, we have effectively replaced Power, Hawkridge and Muldoon with Knott, JMD and Green. That is a serious upgrade!

  2. Agree Ben,There seems to be more goals from the new replacements and we weren’t short of goals last season

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