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The last time we went to Stevenage, it was a month and a half before we were relegated from the Football League.

We lost 2-1 in March 2011, Ashley Grimes scored his last Lincoln City goal, Trevor Carson played his last game in goal and after that, nothing was alright. It was the last time we felt as though we were secure, but the result changed everything. It was the first game in which a point would save us, it was our first defeat in three and it signalled the start of a decline that would see us not win another Football League game for more than six years.

This time we go to Stevenage a month and a half into a season of hope, a season in which we are full of confidence. This time we know we’ll compete, we know we’ll be organised and give ourselves the best chance of winning the game. We won’t be relying on loan players to drag us through either, this time we’ll be relying mainly on players of our own, or those who will be with us for the whole season. It is almost as if this is another rite of passage, another monkey to shrug of our backs. In truth, this is the last time I shall write about when we came down, hopefully I won’t make another comparison or make reference to it.

For me personally this is a very poignant day too. On the morning of March 19th, 2011 I wasn’t in a great place personally. It was a weekend of such great importance in my life that it became a ‘BC and AD’ moment. Everything that happened before was one period of my life, after another. I won’t go into details on here, but the last time we travelled to Stevenage, the only time, I was laid in my bed at home in the worst place imaginable, listening as we lost. The result barely registered with me, such was the state of my situation at the time.

So whatever today marks, wherever we go from here, for the blog it signals the end of the ‘when we came down’ comparisons, the ‘last time we played here’ stuff relating to 2010/11 too. We’re a Football League club now, looking back to how we lost our status will help nobody, even looking back to last seasons heroics will be of no use either. Should we have kept Alan Marriott? Would Terry Hawkridge have added to the side? Irrelevant.

You’ll notice some changes to the site today, only subtle ones, but changes nonetheless. I’ll explain more once I’m back tonight, but I need your help in deciding where to take the site next.

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