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Another morning, another postcode in the sat nav, another group of Imps fans get in Shane’s rustic minibus to head across the country to Gresty Road.

There’s nothing revealing about the team in here, no speculation, no exclusive. I merely wanted to pen a few words to celebrate football fans and the unique ability the game has to throw people together.

Up top we have Shane and Dad, both ready to plot our course, shout at drivers and ensure the safe passage of the rest of us. They’re the adventure leaders if you like, the brave pioneers in charge of our expedition.

In the middle of the bus, the youth element reside. Shane’s lad and his mate are back from last week, watching Ginnelly’s goal on a phone over and over again. we’re joined by Arthur today too, another young lad with a passion for City. He’s often in contact with Imps opinion and thoughts and he’ll add something to our motley crew.

Up in the back there’s me, the journey’s scribe, the one charged with ensuring our trip is recorded for future generations to pour over. I’m armed with my tablet, some actual tablets to suppress back pain and, when all else fails, a hip flask full of sloe brandy. I will get through the pain, that is for sure.

We’ve one more to collect, as we pull into Greetwell garage he’s bound to be waiting somehwere, another new face to the group, another new friend to add to the growing list of people brought together by Lincoln City FC.

What will the day bring? The ultimate prize is three points but there’s so much more to be won. There’s friends to be made, opinion to be swapped and a hip flask full of home made hooch to be consumed. One thing is for certain, come 4.45pm the game will either be won or lost and another away day will be drawing to a close. What happens in between now and then, well that is what makes travelling away so special.