Cowley plays down Miller link, obviously.

Danny Cowley has spoken to today about the rumoured move for Peterborough striker Ricky Miller.

He’s played down the link, describing the phone call to Peterborough as ‘standard stuff’. Speaking to Mark Whiley, Danny said:

“We didn’t enquire about him personally, we just made a phone call about what players could be available from Peterborough. It was pretty standard stuff. You have to keep your ear to the ground and be aware of what is available, so when the January window does come you’re able to act accordingly. We had a chat with Grant McCann but it was no more than that. It is not something we expect to happen. We like Ricky, we think he’s a good player and he had a fantastic season last year. It’s normal for clubs, when they’re looking to move a player on, to create an interest. We understand that but there’s been nothing more than us having a conversation with Peterborough about players who may or may not be available.”

I wouldn’t expect anything less from a canny man-manager like Danny though. There’s a couple of interesting points I think are worth considering.

Firstly, Danny didn’t call about Michael Bostwick in July, but look what happened there. It is relatively well-known that we contacted Posh to do a deal for Harry Anderson and got Bozzie laid on a silver platter at the same time. If that transfer had taken a couple of days longer to conclude, would Danny not have said exactly the same things about Bozzie? Nobody expected that transfer to happen, but look what occurred afterwards.

Secondly, do we truly believe Danny Cowley, a man so meticulous in his recruitment that he needs references and to watch something like ten full games before making a move, picked up the phone for a general enquiry about who was available? It sounds much like a Steve Evans tactic doesn’t it? “Hello Barry, who you got? Miller, yeah I’ve heard of him. £750k sound alright? Bosh.” That’s not Danny. When he picks up a phone he knows what outcome he hopes for, I don’t believe for one second that he throws the net out there and sees what he catches. That isn’t our manager, not one bit.

Finally, if he was in the hunt for Ricky Miller, why would he announce it to the press now? Of course he’ll play it down, he doesn’t want people like Evans getting involved in an auction does he? We lost out on Lee Angol in the summer because billy big balls over at Field Mill started flexing somebody else’s cheque book, why run the risk of that happening again? Also, Matt Rhead and Matt Green have got what, seven in four games between them? Why would a manager with such an in-form pairing up top destabilise that by telling press he’s in the hunt for another striker? We know he’s in the hunt for a striker, that isn’t a secret, but the sensible thing is to play it down in the press, obviously.

Barry Fry is all over it like he would be a bacon sandwich. Both Miller and Danny Lloyd are possibly up for grabs, they’ve had their six months at Posh and now they’re back on the merry-go-round of players that circulate London Road constantly. It’s a flawed policy, bringing players in for a few months then farming them out quickly, Mansfield will do the same too and it shows a disloyalty and disrespect to players. How can Ricky Miller expect to settle two divisions higher if he gets six months and nothing more?

You have to love a footballer through the dry patches, you have to nurture them and develop them, to coin a phrase from another blog I wrote, sometimes you have to love them back to life. Ricky Miller needs that, he got it at Dover and they almost got a promotion on the back of it. It won’t do the player any good for Danny to speak openly in the press about wanting to sign him, the only person who benefits from that is his agent.

No, if we are in for Ricky Miller you won’t get Danny Cowley telling you about it on December 20th. Look at the Danny Rowe situation, technically the club still haven’t confirmed it even though Mick McCarthy has. Danny won’t upset his current squad, a squad in form and climbing the table, by announcing all these new faces at this stage of the season. He didn’t in the summer did he? Evans had signed his players and was sat on a beach in his speedos putting teenage girls off their ice cream before Danny had got one signature on a bit of paper. Who is above who in the league?

I’m not saying Ricky Miller is coming to Sincil Bank, but I think it is more likely now that at any stage of his career, despite what my favourite male that I’m not related to says.


  1. … well if he does come here in the New Year, then lets hope the financial side of things is ‘reasonable’ after all as you say Gary there is going to be a lot of nurturing involved as he’s coming with a lot of baggage and Danny won’t stand for a lot of it. Imps 4ever

  2. Not a youngster either,late 20’s I think? Has a lot of issues off the field including a pending court case in April BUT he does score goals. Tough one for the manager but something I’m sure he’ll get right.

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