BARNET – There’s more tickets, let send more troops!!

Not content with accepting 1,900 Imps fans in who have pre-ordered tickets, Barnet have now made a further 500 available to those who wish to pay on the day.

Admittedly, it is a little late to be throwing 25% more tickets at us, but as Imps we should see it as a challenge. How many other sides in the bottom two divisions will take 2,500 fans away tomorrow? I’ve known times when we haven’t taken that to Grimsby.

Whilst some like to argue about plastic supporters, I don’t. I like to see supporters, old and new, travelling in their thousands to away matches and tomorrow that is going to happen. If you’ve been lamenting your lack of ticket, or you’ve been toying with the idea of going in the home end, there’s now no need to worry. It’s open doors again and if you can, you need to get yourself down there.

Imagine, 2,500 fans travelling away the weekend after ‘Blue Monday’, before the January payday. It’s frightening really, many of us won’t have had a penny in the account since Newport or Stevenage, yet we’re still taking such a large following to Barnet. It is indicative of the absolutely amazing transformation in our team, a demonstration of the potential I’ve always felt this club has.

Lincoln City have arrived and tomorrow is a clear demonstration of that. We’re in a league with the 1987 FA Cup winners and the 1988 Littlewoods Cup winners and we’re the best supported side. Four sides in our division have played top-flight football in my lifetime, yet we’re the best supported. We’re a little city off the beaten track and yet we’re united as one in pursuit of Football riches.

So, what are you waiting for. If you haven’t got a ticket you’d better round up some mates, pool some petrol money and hit the A1 in good time, because tomorrow the Lincoln Loco is pulling in at Barnet and it’s going to be bloody brilliant. If we turn up in numbers, the boys will turn up on the pitch. Let’s make some noise, for the boys!!

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  1. I see where you are coming from, and agree with many of the sentiments you express,….but I have to say that this is all a bit rubbish.
    A few days ago, the club were saying that tickets would be available on the day. No qualifications…no buts or ifs. This remained the case until Thursday when the club announce that the fixture is sold out to away fans and warn people not to travel without a ticket.
    I phone the club and they confirm that this is the case. I phone Barnet and speak to a very stressed person who tells me normally there are overflow arrangements but those will not be in place on Saturday as a result of health and safety advice. She says the club have tweeted to this effect.
    As late as early evening today the club are saying do not travel without a ticket.
    And …now?

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