Robinson move edges closer

Moved to Roots Hall - Courtesy Graham Burrell

The arrival of Theo Robinson appears to be imminent, with sources in Southend confirming the striker is close to coming back to Sincil Bank.

The Echo news, a Southend based paper, reported 31 minutes ago that Theo was on his way back to the club he left for Southend one year ago.

Theo scored 4 goals in 40 matches since leaving Sincil Bank, but was instrumental in our cup run of last season. His move would seem a perfect fit, Danny already knows the player and is looking for a hard working and energetic forward to complement the current crop. Some fans might argue Theo isn’t prolific enough and a step back rather than progression, but with 40 League One outings under his belt since he departed Sincil Bank, he’s far from a step back.

I’ll endeavour to keep you up to date on this deadline day Stacey West special.



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