‘I take full responsibility’ – Luke on his bottle throwing shame

Luke Waterfall is set to return from suspension this weekend, in time for the huge clash with promotion rivals Exeter City.

Given City’s current form, there’s every chance he’ll have to start form the bench, with Scott Wharton and Michael Bostwick playing well and James Wilson now back from injury. It could be a costly mistake from the skipper and one he understands was entirely of his own doing.

“Everything just boiled over,” he told Lincolnshire Live. “The emotions came out of me after we got the equaliser in the last-minute. They shouldn’t be throwing things onto the pitch, but I shouldn’t react in the way I did. I’ve got a responsibility not to react like that. I blame no-one but myself and I take full responsibility.”

Waterfall had re-established himself in the team after losing out to Sean Raggett and Rob Dickie earlier in the season, but with two crucial league games coming up before a Wembley cup final, he could now find himself on the periphery of the club’s hectic run in.

“I’ve never done it before and I’ll never do it again, it was a mistake. I’ve big enough to take it on the chin and I’ve obviously had a chat with the manager about it.”

Waterfall has otherwise been excellent in a tough season for him personally. After leading City to the National League title he found first team chances limited, but showed excellent attitude and character to bounce back. He’ll now need all his reserves of both to do the same again, especially if his actions cost him his place in the team.


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  4. Luke has no choice but to say what he said really does he. It was a silly thing to do, but then Palmer did the sillier thing celebrating in front of their fans. It amazes me the following week, Palmer celebrating in front of his own fans gets booked for removing his shirt. But for inciting opposition fans nothing.

    Anyway Luke was silly and the biggest issue will now be he has fallen to 4th (CB) in line I suspect as Wharton has taken his chance well.

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