Have Ipswich made their move?

Last night Mick McCarthy left Ipswich prematurely, seemingly a pre-planned move unconnected to their win or the home crowd’s adverse reaction to a change he made.

Of course, that got the internet all alight with talk of Danny going again, despite him stating categorically he was focused on this current campaign. Still, whatever DC’s focus, it doesn’t stop Ipswich making their move, does it?

So, have they? It seems to be coming from more reliable sources on both sides of the potential switch, with some Ipswich experts claiming it has definitely been done. The noise around the Imps is much quieter, but it is only 9.15am and it isn’t as if we’d be shouting about it. After all, Danny and Nicky are focused on the current season aren’t they?

That is the pertinent point, no matter what goes on behind the scenes, you won’ hear and neither will I. Do you honestly believe, 100%, that DC and NC knew nothing of Lincoln City interest until after their Braintree play off semi final and that they made the decision to come here, to uproot their family lives, in the space of just a couple of short days? Deep down, I don’t. I’d suspect they had one eye on what was happening almost as soon as Chris Moyses stepped aside, but you didn’t hear that and neither did I.

The same is going to be true of this, if there’s anything in it. The club won’t come out and make a statement, nobody is going to start derailing our promotion campaign just to satisfy a few voices on social media. If there is an Ipswich move, you’ll only hear about it from Mr In The Know on Facebook.

All I’d say is that we are best focusing on the next game or two, hoping that if it is going to happen that we’re a League One club when it does.

What I would say is this: the bookies are certain with Danny as 5/2 favourite and the next favourite as wide as 8/1 on thesackrace.com. Ipswich fans think it’s a done deal although they’re dubious as to whether a management team with a solitary year in the Football League are ready for Ipswich Town. These are people who only know of DC and NC, they don’t actually know them.

The training ground is progressing, the squad are mostly here on two-year deals and the gaffer has spoken of moving his family up here. Ipswich are broke, meeting the estimated £1m release clause will dent their funds and we’ve never said ‘no’ to our managers, something I’m sure Ipswich couldn’t promise. There’s a team on its arse in Ipswich right now, that might appeal to ambitious managers but they might also identify it as incredibly high-risk. After all, why put everything they’ve got on the line here for a quick step up?

Much has been made of Danny’s comments in the media too, but he’s always distanced himself from a move during the season. He wouldn’t leave tomorrow, not a chance, but that is as far as the denials have gone in my opinion. Danny is a wordsmith, he throws an awful lot of words out there, but each and every one is considered and measured. He’s never stated outright he wouldn’t move to Ipswich, not once. He’s said the right things about Lincoln City, but always measured and balanced comments that don’t close any doors.

In the end it all boils down to a personal decision that both Danny and Nicky must make, based on their current situation, what Ipswich could offer and of course their families too. It’s huge, it is akin to me suddenly being offer chief sports writer at the Echo after doing the blog for so long. It would be a change of direction, more money and a massive step up and something everyone would expect me to take. However, it could also be disastrous and destroy the reputation I’ve taken so long to build up. Whatever I decided though, it would have to be right for me and both Danny and Nicky will decide what is right for them.

If Ipswich have come in, Dc and NC have earned the right to make that decision and put simply, they owe Lincoln City nothing at all.


  1. I don’t think this would be a good move for them, too soon in their own managerial development and Ipswich are a club going in the opposite direction to us. However it must be hugely tempting for many reasons and I for one would not be surprised to see them depart. Promotion may ensure them staying making the last six or maybe nine games even bigger but whatever the outcome I hope we all continue to enjoy the ride whilst it lasts.

  2. Excellent article which I fully agree with. This makes me nervous. Seems to me a lot of Ipswich’s characteristics are similar to what attracted the Cowleys to us, and they’ve fallen from a much higher perch than we did. The thing that worries me most is the geographical proximity to their home. If the Cowleys are interested and like what their Board says as much as what we said it feels ominous to me. I agree we owe them nothing and that we must focus on the rest of the season. In the meantime I cant help worry about it but will try not to. Incidentally I keep hearing soothing words about the training pitch but I’ve seen nothing concrete for weeks. Can you shed any light on exactly what the situation is please?

  3. Good article, you’re right the Crowley’s owe us nothing. But…. MCCarthy had enough because he was booed when making a sub when winning. Danny and Nicky get their name sung still when we’re being beaten 4-1. They are on a real life journey of the Football Manager games they played when they were younger – much more fun when building from the bottom up. I’m praying they stay where they are loved – this Lincoln Loco hasnt reached its destination yet

  4. I really don’t think they will go, they have the opportunity to transform a club from non league to Championship, they will go down in history as legends if they do that. A jump to Ipswich for a pair of managers still learning is a massive risk and as Danny regularly says sport has a habit of biting you on the arse. I’m not sure Ipswich would be so tolerant of the style of football either.

  5. If I could use an Ian Holloway analogy current state is this – you’re in a great relationship with the perfect girlfriend who loves you unconditionally and you love her too but she’s really insecure – “You won’t leave me will you? Promise you won’t leave?”. You’re in a nightclub and there’s a woman flirting with you who’s absolutely stunning – more attractive than your girlfriend but she’s a fair bit older and her best days are behind her, she isn’t reliable, has had a lot of boyfriends and quite frankly she’s on a downward spiral, you might have a good time for a couple of years but it’s far less likely to end well….

  6. I think your analogy is spot on Gary but needs a step adding. By going to be chief editor of the Echo you are in a dying machine, and one that is pulling in the investment all the time. Unless you do something completely remarkable you this will be your last job. In addition, the things you bring to the role and things that the Echo have been doing for years. Cowley has been so good and unique for us in a large part because of his work. Hours spent watching teams, hours spent on the training ground with prehab etc. Things Ipswich already do. Not to take anything at all away from Danny but his USP works for our level, does it work for the higher levels? He always admits he is learning, perhaps he is now and working on things that will work for him at the higher level. I would be more inclined to think Wigan would be more his choice. A club on the up, making a profit and with new foreign backers. The reason people will scoff? Because it is too far away and because they have small attendances. Kind of like Lincoln two years ago. And if Danny wants to really go places in football he must know you have to travel. Number 2 on the odds list is McClaren who has been in Germany and Holland and last seen in Israel with Cruyff.

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