Wycombe Starting XI – Our Thoughts

Ryan Allsop

I’ve seen criticism of the keeper’s distribution and rightly so. He doesn’t deliver a ball like Paul Farman does, but he is a stable and steady pair of hands in the sticks. Maybe he could command his area better at times, but at present there’s no reason to drop him, especially not against a side who are likely to launch an aerial bombardment against us.

I do wish, rather harshly perhaps, that Josh Vickers was fit.

RB: Like you need to be told

No brainer. Next.

LB: Sam Habergham

He’s a question for you to consider. Has Sam been the same influence as he was last season?

He’ll play at full back, obviously. The lack of options has meant he’s a shoe-in (shoo-in?) at left back, but I’m not sure he’s been the same player he was last season. Maybe the lack of pre-season has affected him, maybe I’m being too harsh, but I’m not entirely convinced he’s a steady seven every week. On Saturday he was most certainly a suspect six.


I get it Danny, we won at Wembley and we keep the same side. Let’s not forget that Luke, our talisman and holder of more winners medals than any other Lincoln City captain ever, was suspended prior to Wembley and had been ousted from his position at centre back. Maybe the cup-tied Wharton missed out on the show piece game, but I suspected he’d be brought back in to the fold (so much so I had us to win and him to score as a cheeky bet).

I think Wharton has looked excellent and being dropped for Port Vale was something I didn’t envisage. We conceded from a set piece and that wasn’t acceptable after two great clean sheets. For my money, we need to be recalling Scott Wharton.

CB: James Wilson

Maybe this one seems a bit ‘out there’, but I’m a big fan of the former Sheffield United man and I believe he is the man to lead our defence long-term. He’s got big match experience, international caps and a presence we haven’t fully appreciated yet. Despite our great form we’ve been conceding too many goals and I truly believe he is the man to partner Scott Wharton at the back, especially as he now seems fit and eager.

There’s a reason I haven’t chosen Bozzie by the way, which you’ll find out when you click over to the midfielders page. If you think the articles are just clickbait now, you’d be wrong. I don’t actually get paid per view, but the pages take ages to load with pictures on and I want to get as much of Bubs’ great work into the site as possible.

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  1. Yep, it’s ‘shoo-in’, which my first chief sub told me was originally an American horseracing term, where jockeys only needed to say ‘shoo’ to their mounts to get them to win. An odd one.

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