Wycombe Starting XI – Our Thoughts

The Midfield

CM: Michael Bostwick

There’s one simple reason I’ve shifted the big man into the middle of the park, because I’m suggesting we go 4-4-2. There’s space on them there flanks and we have the talent to exploit it. We know some of our wide players struggle against a 3-5-2, but Wycombe play a narrower formation and in my opinion, we must counteract that by resorting to our favoured set up.

However, be aware that means three ‘central’ midfielders for them against two of ours. It may be two of theirs look to get wide, if so we’ll win the battle in the centre. If they don’t, we must have as much presence as possible and there’s nobody with more of that than Bozzie.

I’m tempted to have him as my player of the year, he’s that good. He plays somewhere, no matter what, but tomorrow I’d like him in front of the defence, never more than two steps back from picking up their big lump, never more than two steps forward from a crunching tackle.

CM: Alex Woodyard

In my eyes, a vastly under rated player recently. When he looked like joining Luton a lot of rather scurrilous accusations were thrown about on social media, comments I felt were out-of-order and unnecessary. It has led to him perhaps being over looked a little recently, certainly with Bozzie and Eardley he’s dropped down the pecking order for best player, but there’s still no price a team could pay that would compensate us losing him.

For me, he was our man of the match against Port Vale, his industry and tenacity was at times lost on the wide open spaces, but he never stops running. If we go to a two-man midfield then he’ll be ‘ratting around’ (copyright Luke Waterfall 2018) looking to break up play and spread the ball out wide.

Also, in a 4-4-2 his balls backwards are actual far more creative than in a 4-3-3 as the wide players can drop deeper to receive anything coming back from the defence.

It does mean Elliott Whitehouse drops to the bench, a victim of circumstance rather than anything else. He got a chance thanks to the defensive injury crisis, he took it well but he’ll know he has to be patient and will occasionally find himself a tactics victim. He didn’t play well on Saturday, but he wasn’t alone and you’ll notice I’ve also chosen to drop Frecklington. Lee has been improving in recent weeks, looking more composed and involved in what we do. He too had a bad game on Saturday and, knowing he is going through tough times off the field, it might be time to give him a rest.

Perhaps time for a one-match break? Freck is a great player but did he look a little weary on Saturday?

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  1. Yep, it’s ‘shoo-in’, which my first chief sub told me was originally an American horseracing term, where jockeys only needed to say ‘shoo’ to their mounts to get them to win. An odd one.

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