Wycombe Starting XI – Our Thoughts

Out Wide and Up Front

RW: Harry Anderson

Big call here, especially as he’s had little impact off the bench recently, but I’d be bringing him back tomorrow. I put right wing, but we switch the wide men to pose different problems for full backs, so whilst he may start there he could easily find himself on the other flank.

I’ve always given Harry a lot of praise and on his day, I believe he is amongst our top five players. He’s quick, direct and not afraid to take players on and against their 4-3-3 he’ll find the space to exploit. If they choose to tighten up on him then it’ll begin to affect their approach and that will also work in our favour.

It’s been a while since Harry last started a game (Crawley away), but the time has come to let him loose once again. He’s a big game player, he’s reliable and most of all, Wycombe won’t be expecting him.

LW: Danny Rowe

Left wing, right wing, whatever. Look, there’s always a threat whichever wing they’re on and we’ve seen Danny employ these two as a pairing. Danny Rowe is a great player and one we’ve seen plenty of recently. If he’s fit then he must play because he did look like our only real threat at Vale Park.

He won’t be with us next season as any new Ipswich manager will surely want to have a look at him, but for now we must get what we can out of him. Our opening goal against Wycombe earlier in the season came form a Nathan Arnold cross into the box, our second came from a winger (Josh Ginnelly) getting on the ball and running at their defence. This is where we win the game tomorrow night and that is why Rowe and Anderson must start, if they’re fit. In my opinion.

CF: Matt Green

Goes without saying really. Vastly under rated by a portion of our fan base, one of the hardest working players we have and a true professional. For me, this isn’t even something up for discussion.

CF: Matt Rhead

Again, there’s no real choice here. As much as Ollie has caught everyone’s eye, he isn’t a starter in my opinion. Once Rheady hs battered you for sixty minutes, Ollie Palmer is a great follow up act, but if he’s headlining he often falls short.

So, there you go 4-4-2, a return for Harry, with Elliott and Lee to drop to the bench. Do you agree with my choices? Fell free to leave comments below and all that.

Thanks to Graham Burrell for all of the photographs. Great as always



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  1. Yep, it’s ‘shoo-in’, which my first chief sub told me was originally an American horseracing term, where jockeys only needed to say ‘shoo’ to their mounts to get them to win. An odd one.

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