2017/18 Opinion – The Keepers

I know there’s still a couple of games left (hopefully), but I think we’re safe to assess our various players and the season they have had.

Over the next few days I’ll be looking at our current squad, then the players that have departed to give my assessment on how they did this season, if we’ll see them next season and all of that. I’m starting easy as this has come after my first physio but just before my first trip to the nurse for a dressing change and I’m a little jaded!

So, in alphabetical order, here is my assessment of our three goal keepers this season.

Ryan Allsop

Part of me, the nostalgic part, the little piece of e that is loyal to Paul Farman, wanted Allsop to fail. Not in a catastrophic way, not because I dislike the lad, but because I hoped Josh Vickers injury would give Farms the Football League matches he’s craved for so long.

I feel bad writing that now, but I have to be honest and, as a staunch Paul Farman fan, Ryan Allsop represented something more than just a loan keeper. His debut against Chelsea offered up the chance to fail, instead he pulled off a penalty save to win us the tie. Then, away at Cambridge a clean sheet.

In fact, Ryan Allsop didn’t put a foot wrong. Blackpool fans were full of bad things to say when he joined, he can’t command his area, his shot stopping is poor and a host of other stuff, but as his tenure went on it proved to be incorrect. His command of the area could be better, but his shot stopping is second to none. He’s pulled off several wonder saves in the sticks, not least that clawed effort at Wembley which kept us in the tie. He played two Checkatrade Trophy games but he earned his winner’s medal.

Is he as influential for us as Christy Pym is for Exeter? No, but that isn’t through his own fault, our defence don’t let him down too often. He’s not a wonder keeper, he’s not been a revelation, but he’s certainly come in and done the exact job we needed. I was asked in the run up to the Wembley final if Farms should play and I said ‘no’. Why? Because we needed our better keeper in goal and Ryan Allsop had won me over.

He’s a driven player, he wants to play higher and I don’t think he’ll come here next season. He’s going to pass through as part of history with a reputation for saving penalties, (hopefully five more at the end of Thursday’s game), but he’s certainly been an astute signing, considering how quickly Danny had to bring him in.

Ryan Allsop won me over, he’s not the first player this season, he won’t be the last, but he’s a cracking lad who I sincerely hope finds himself third-tier football next season, be it with us or someone else.

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  1. City have had some outstanding Goalies over the years namely Kennedy Treherne Grotier Marriot etc,I,m afraid Farman doesn’t fit into that category but I will never forget his last minute wonder save against Maccesfield last year and the celebrations afterwards.

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