Allsop released by Bournemouth: I just can’t see it happening

Ryan Allsop has been released by Bournemouth today and, although I don’t think he’ll have a problem finding a club, I can’t see us being the ones to get him.

I’ve already been wrong about one keeper this week, I didn’t think Richard Walton would be offered a new deal, but he was. That in itself makes me think that a permanent move for Allsop isn’t on the cards, unless there’s going to be a player leaving fairly soon.

Josh Vickers is nearing full fitness and I think there’s little debate he’s the number one when he’s fit. I don’t subscribe to the argument that Allsop made loads of mistakes, but I also think his excellent shot stopping skills masked some poor distribution at the time. That said, he pulled off some great saves, not least at Wembley but also on his debut against Chelsea to send us there and in the league.

It’s easy to point to a keeper and say ‘he should have done better with this shot or that cross’, but the same can be said for any player. I saw Eardley misplace a pass the other week and I’ve seen Bozzie blast a fifteen yard ball into the stands, but were they lambasted? No, because they’re not keepers. Their indiscretions don’t lead directly to goals.

Allsop actually won me over. I didn’t fancy him when he came in, I thought his presser was a little arrogant, I’m a big Paul Farman fan and I didn’t want to see a loan keeper come in and cost us. It’s happened before, Trevor Carson came in, was great and left us in the lurch and Elliott Parrish… well let’s not get started eh? Then there was Matthew Ghent, the famous FA Cup howler, Simon Brown who conceded five against Peterborough in his only game. The list goes on. Allsop, at the time, did not have my backing.

As good a save as you’ll see all summer in Russia.

He left with me firmly behind him as a player, one I’m keen to succeed in the Football League. If he came here though he wouldn’t be happy playing second fiddle to Josh Vickers which I believe he would end up doing. Vickers distribution is also average, but his command f his area is better than Allsop. Both are good keepers though and both would make good number ones. Would either be happy being number two?

Also, with the budget we have, Danny will want every penny to work for him and so would he want a fourth keeper on the books? I can see Richard Walton going out on loan, if he stays, and if he doesn’t I can see Michael Antkowiak being promoted to the loaned out spot. Farms has a year left to run and is an adequate replacement for short-term injuries. Allsop impressed and kept Farms out, but I think with Farms it was as much confidence as anything. He’s still a good keeper, he’s still League Two back up quality and unless he’s on the move, we won’t be adding another stopper.

Whatever Ryan Allsop does do in his career, I sincerely wish him well. His saves were as important as Elliott’s goal at Wembley and for that, he’ll always have a place at my dinner table if he’s hungry. He’s a good keeper and after interviewing him for the programme it appeared I’d misread that early interview, he isn’t arrogant nor disrespectful of our other keepers. But, as much as I’d love him to be competing for our number one jersey, there ain’t no room at the in right now.

Typically, tomorrow we announce Allsop and prove me wrong again!



  1. TThe main criticism is he stays on his line.Good performances in all games. Mistake after some defensive errors for Yeovil goal and I believe he was responSible for first Exeter goal in play off related to refusal to leave his line when he could have caught the ball saving Wilson the header.however great saves but not as good as Vickers.

  2. For me, it’s a no brainer, if we get the chance, Allsop in, Farman out, back to his comfort zone in the National League!

  3. Different class to Farman
    Bring Allsop in and please let Farman go.
    Allsop would be good competition for Vickers

  4. Think you’ve called this right Gary. Vickers deserves to be number one. I also have concerns about his distribution, but he is the best goalkeeper we have played this season in my view by some distance. Alsop is a liner as people have said, but he did not let us down and made some fantastic saves. Don’t think he’ll be back though……as you say….unless Farman is going!

  5. Widening it away from keepers who else is being released/or listed? Jack Hobbs,Kyle Taylor,John Akinbe (for a fee) and many others I would guess DC/NC know a lot about. Await the news!

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