Our Prediction League winner is…..

As you know, we’ve been running a prediction league all season. It’s been huge fun I’m sure, although fewer people took part each week, meaning I might bin it off this coming season.

Anyway, the second half of the season is now complete and we have a winner. Rather embarrassingly for me, it is my Dad.

He’s been loving it since Christmas as he slowly climbed to the top spot and then revelled in trying to coax my predictions out of me so he could stay one step ahead. He stayed one step ahead of me, two steps ahead of Oz Chamberlain in third and David Lincs in fourth.

He’s on holiday at the moment, but when he returns I’ll have to present him with his shirt, the prize for winning. After that, I shall have to endure a lifetime of being reminded of the outcome. Every match we attend next season when we do a round of predictions, he’ll bring it up. I’m pleased for him in a way because I know how proud he is of it, but I also know I’ll never, ever hear the end of it.

I might do a World Cup one, all the matches in one go or a small selection. I could put a prize up or we could make it a couple of quid to enter with the prize pot being split three ways. Anyone up for that? If so, leave comments on the social media posts or on this blog.

Well done Dad, through gritted teeth.

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the predictions league….came 9th! Forgot to predict a couple of times which didn’t help my cause. World Cup one would be fun….but also pls do something for next season.

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