Striker World Cup Latest Results & Voting

Firstly, my apologies. there’s been some issues with my computer once again, must be over use or something. Anyway, one reconditioned laptop later (courtesy of Bugs and Bytes, Lincoln), we’re back on with the Striker World Cup.

Today we’ve got the results of two groups and two more to vote for. To speed things up a little, we’ll keep the player profiles for the final rounds, just giving you the groups and the chance to vote.

First of all, Groups C and D results.

In Group C we had Steve Torpey, Matt Green, Gary Taylor-Fletcher and Percy Freeman. The result was as follows:

Steve Torpey – Twitter 1 votes, poll 1 votes TOTAL 2
Matt Green – Twitter 22 votes, poll 13 votes TOTAL 35
Gary Taylor-Fletcher – Twitter 108 votes, poll 69 votes TOTAL 177
Percy Freeman – Twitter 77 votes, poll 109 TOTAL 186

This group really shows the difference between Twitter and the polls on site, with Percy Freeman remarkably beaten by Gary Taylor-Fletcher on Twitter. Big Percy did pull it back on the site vote though, topping the group. So Percy and GTF go through to the next round. They’ll be joined by two from Group D, a veritable Group of Death if ever there was one.

Tony Cunningham – Twitter 59 votes, poll 25 votes TOTAL 84
Phil Stant – Twitter 45 votes, poll 17 votes TOTAL 62
Dixie McNeil – Twitter 30 votes, poll 38 votes TOTAL 68
Gavin Gordon – Twitter 45 votes, poll 12 TOTAL 67

Oddly, despite 192 people voting on site for the first group, only 92 voted for Group D! Where did the rest of you go? this was a close group, but Dixie McNeil and Tony Cunningham advance to the next stage.

It’s now time to vote for the next two groups. these were drawn in the same manner as the others, except my other half pulled Rheady out of the hat for us. That is of little consequence to you, but I had to chuckle as she still thinks he looks like the guy who comes round on a Sunday to tile your bathroom on the side.

We’ll keep it simple and to the point on the next two votes, all on one page. If you vote in one, please do vote in the other too! Here are Groups E and F.

Group E

Awooga! This group contains a right mix of faces, with Gordon Hobson the obvious favourite. He had two spells at City, helping fire Murphy’s side to the near successes of the early 1980s, then coming back to rekindle the relationship in the early 1990s. He’s a popular figure and a red-hot favourite in the group.

After that, it is anyone’s guess. John Fashanu had a brief but successful spell here in the mid 1980s and may get the votes by being a famous name. Phil Brown was the hero of our GMVC season but struggled once we got back into the league, but who can ever forget the last minute winner at Boston in ’87? Not me and I was nine.

Stormer Lormor might be an outsider too. He was one of my childhood heroes, a massively underrated player who could have achieved so much more had it not been for injuries. Who gets your vote?

Group E

  • Gordon Hobson (75%, 101 Votes)
  • Tony Lormor (13%, 18 Votes)
  • Phil Brown (9%, 12 Votes)
  • John Fashanu (3%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 74

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Group F

I thought Group D was a tough one to call, Group F is packed full of heavyweights in the literal sense. Matt Rhead will be popular with younger voters, but surely the battle lies in the middle two names.

When I first announced a strikers world Cup, someone commented that it was essentially a poll to find out who joined Simon John Yeo in the Stacey West XI. He’s going to be there or thereabouts as his mentor would have said, but Derek Bell is likely to give him a run for his money. Bell was a hugely popular figure in the early 1980s and those of a certain ‘vintage’ will be in two minds as to where to place their vote.

I know Amanda Slater is going to plump for big Mick Waitt, the huge striker who threatened to break records in the GMVC before a sickening leg break against Cheltenham. He never truly recovered but for six months he was the name on everyone’s lips. can he beat Rheady to third place?

Group F

  • Derek Bell (45%, 48 Votes)
  • Simon Yeo (36%, 38 Votes)
  • Matt Rhead (15%, 16 Votes)
  • Mick Waitt (4%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 74

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Vote now here and on Twitter if you so desire.