Striker World Cup – Final Group Voting Here

To coincide with the last sixteen of the real World Cup, today sees us reach the final Groups of our Striker World Cup.

Doubtless you’ve been able to focus on little else than the outcome of the last two groups, so I shall keep you waiting no more. First up, the outcomes then your chance to vote on the final eight players.

First of all, Groups E and F results.

Group E

John Fashanu – Twitter 27 votes, poll 4 votes TOTAL 29
Gordon Hobson – Twitter 62 votes, poll 101 votes TOTAL 163
Phil Brown – Twitter 14 votes, poll 12 votes TOTAL 26
Tony Lormor – Twitter 17 votes, poll 18 TOTAL 35

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Hobson was always going to be the runaway winner and, if Twitter had it’s way, he’d be joined by Fash the Bash. Luckily, sense intervened and two very good strikers got proper votes on the poll. In the end, my childhood hero Tony Lormor just pipped GMVC winner Phil Brown to second place. I don’t fancy Lormor in the next round though as he’s up against the Group G winner….

Group F

Mick Waitt – Twitter 2 votes, poll 4 votes TOTAL 6
Derek Bell – Twitter 17 votes, poll 48 votes TOTAL 65
Simon Yeo – Twitter 113 votes, poll 38 votes TOTAL 141
Matt Rhead – Twitter 48 votes, poll 16 votes TOTAL 64

Huge numbers swaying towards Simon Yeo, but more love on the internal poll for eighties hero Derek Bell. Both go through with Big Matt Rhead just one vote away from tying. I suppose we’d have to go to a tie break in that event, maybe goals scored. doesn’t matter anyway, does it?

It’s now time to vote for the next two groups. these were drawn in the same manner as the others, except my other half pulled Rheady out of the hat for us. That is of little consequence to you, but I had to chuckle as she still thinks he looks like the guy who comes round on a Sunday to tile your bathroom on the side.

We’ll keep it simple and to the point on the next two votes, all on one page. If you vote in one, please do vote in the other too! Here are Groups E and F.

Group G

There’s going to be a huge underdog go through here because, when discussing the best 16 strikers Lincoln have ever had, would you have Mark Sertori, Ben Tomlinson or Colin Alcide in them? No.

So, Mick Harford should rightly win the group, all being well. After that we’ve got a bit of a free for all. The John Beck fans might plump for Alcide a reliable but thoroughly shit centre forward. In fact, who the hell nominated him? You want shooting.

Mark Sertori was the third or fourth best striker in the GMVC team and got progressively worse from there, so much so he ended up playing in defence for Wrexham. He did score on the great day in 1988 against Wycombe though.

Ben Tomlinson is an outside bet here, he had two good seasons but perhaps let himself down with rumours of a bad attitude. I think he was vastly under rated, but he could suffer by virtue of the fact he’s, you know, Ben Tomlinson.

Group G

  • Mick Harford (76%, 44 Votes)
  • Colin Alcide (9%, 5 Votes)
  • Mark Sertori (9%, 5 Votes)
  • Ben Tomlinson (7%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 54

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Group H

The final four that make up the 31 players and Steve Torpey that you nominated as your best ever Imps’ forwards. There’s a good battle in this group too, but only for second place, surely.

Jamie Forrester, what a player he was. Four goals away at Mansfield stick in my mind, but in truth he was just a cut above. He lost his pace by the time he wore red and white, but he made up for that in guile and intelligence. If he doesn’t win this group, we may as well give up.

After that, the battle of two towering strikers, one as rough and tumble as they come, the other like Bambi on ice but with a goal or three in him. Lee Thorpe was as robust as you like, playing in a poor Imps side but always grabbing one or two. Was he prolific enough to get your vote?

Big Gijsbert Bos popped up with a goal or two every now and again, a wordly against Mansfield and the winner at Main Road stick in my mind. Will either of those beat Ashley Grimes though?

Ashley Grimes was last seen in a Lincoln shirt scurrying down the tunnel after the abject 3-0 defeat against Aldershot in 2011, but he was last seen at Sincil Bank doing the same in a Southport shirt after being sent off in 2016. Despite that, he’s here amongst some of the best strikers the Imps have ever had. Will his displays between January and March 2011 be enough to get him through?

I doubt it.

Group G

  • Jamie Forrester (76%, 62 Votes)
  • Lee Thorpe (15%, 12 Votes)
  • Gjisbert Bos (5%, 4 Votes)
  • Ashley Grimes (5%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 82

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Vote now on here and on Twitter if you so desire.


  1. Mark is an imps legend. I was there when we beat Torquay away three nil. See tori, see tori,see tori

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