Six exciting loan players the Imps could sign in the next few weeks

One of the aspects of the transfer window many fans have not given thought to is the loan market.

Thus far, everyone we’ve signed have been on a proper deal, meaning that up to five of any future incoming players could well be on loan. Knowing Danny’s policy, he’ll be looking to talk to clubs in the top two tiers for his loan deals too, meaning fans could well be overlooking a crucial avenue that is currently being explored.

In recent seasons we’ve had players from Reading, Norwich, Ipswich and Bournemouth as links have been forged and trust has been built. Ryan Allsop (pictured top) was as effective as any of our loan signings last season and after a tough spell at Blackpool he found himself back on form.

Are we likely to visit those sides again, hunting the next big U23 star amongst their ranks? Do any of them have the next Harry Kane or Trent Alexander-Arnold in their squads and if they do, are we likely to see them in red and white, albeit temporarily, next season.

Here are six players I think we could well bring to Sincil Bank next season. Yes, you have to click on to the next page each time and no, I don’t make any apology. If you want to see who they are, you won’t mind!

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  1. I don’t know why people indulge in this kind of conjecture. Let’s face it if you throw enough names into the hat you might get lucky with one. It’s a bit like the lottery though where you might get 1 number up but more often than not zero…..

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