Can you keep a secret?

I know this article will draw ridicule from some, I understand that, but it’s going to be written anyway. The subject matter for your early afternoon consideration, is our friendly tonight against Norwich and the name of the left-sided centre back were going to feature.

Danny confirmed last night that the left-sided centre back he’s hoping to sign will feature, but that he will be listed as A Trialist as we don’t want his identity revealing. Last week, Danny told me he was fearful that other clubs would be alerted to the player, hence the reticence over releasing his name.

I know that in the past, I’ve discussed trial players, as have we all. Their name usually ends up in the public domain, in the past players and their wives used to release them on social media, everyone ‘in the know’ seemed to be aware who we had on trial before Danny did. This summer has been different, the cloak of secrecy has descended and, so far, has been effective.

Tonight the said player will step out onto the pitch and doubtless a hundred mobile phones will begin clicking with every Tom, Dick and Harry wanting to be the one who breaks the news first. Here’s the killer message: it could end up costing the club. Are you so desperate to get a few likes that you are willing to risk the recruitment of the player?

Some Twitter accounts are happy to build that speculation without heeding Danny’s request. Just this morning the following tweet appeared, appearing to name a left-sided centre back we were interested in. This came not 24 hours after Danny asked for that not to happen.

I like speculation and I’m happy to discuss things that are in the public domain, but if I’m told something I will not put anything on here until it has come out via another source, social media or the like. In the case of the trial defender, I believe I do know who it is (and I don’t for one second think it is Baily Cargill) and there is no chance whatsoever you’ll hear it on here. Contrary to what some of my critics think I do not fish for likes, shares and all of that stuff. I write for a living elsewhere and I don’t need my confidence boosting by sharing secrets on here.

I did break the Lee Shaw news because it was already out there, but this centre back is clearly important to us and therefore the indie media shouldn’t be in a race to reveal who it is. We only have our projects because the club is doing well, but we only do these things because we love the club.

Tonight, if you love the club enough to pay to watch a meaningless friendly, perhaps show some restraint in identifying the new player and let Danny assess him and make a decision before alerting everyone else to his presence here. After all, you just know a host of so-called ex agents are waiting to release the name and alert the likes of Mansfield Town who will happily outspend us if they thought it was detrimental to our development.

Tonight, maybe you can show that social media isn’t the death of the football secret.


  1. Well said Gary you got it spot on, I enjoy reading your stuff as it is very measured and accurate with great skill. Hopefully see you later mate

  2. Is this Defender going to be playing in a wig and a comedy mustache? Sorry but the article is a bit bizarre .

    • Have to agree with Tim on this one… Does anyone really think Danny would announce that he was fielding “a trialist” and not not to expect speculation who it is. Even more bizarre is the notion that we should all keep off social media should we recognise who it is because the likes of Mansfield would come in with a better offer just to spite us.

  3. I will bring my face recognition app. That will reveal who it is.
    This time I will have the camera facing away from me.!
    Signing a good one at CB will complete the puzzle.

  4. I’m sure A.Triallist will have A.N Agent who will be merrily calling every league club to announce that Lincoln are interested to bump up his fee. I think we may be taking a joke from Danny overly seriously here.

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