Lincoln City Are A Disgrace – an internet phenomenon

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

The internet can be such a wonderful place. It allows people a voice and a medium of communication and on this rather chilly Sunday afternoon, it has given Lincoln City fans a smile or two.

That is in addition to the smiles we got from beating MK Dons 2-1 yesterday, ending their unbeaten run and giving us our first ever victory over them. These smiles have been wry and comical, with other fan acerbic wit being the prompt for an afternoon of fun.

It all started yesterday before the game, when the 617 unveiled a flag calling MK Dons vermin. The inference is that their move from Wimbledon to MK was abhorrent and that the football world will never forgive. Whether you agree or not, there’s been worse banners at football matches and it certainly stoked up the atmosphere at a really engrossing game of football.

Twitter user Margaret Faiers wasn’t happy though. As is her right, she thought the banner was a disgrace, no in fact she thought our whole club was a disgrace, eventually. At first, poor old Rob Bradley got the rough end of the stick, but once she’d sorted her City from her United, she said; “Sorry to say but your club are a disgrace. How can you allow fans to have a banner that says they should shoot the vermin. Plus ball boys that have a go at our fans.”

Jack Mulhall, a dry and sarcastic a man as you’ll ever meet (and not a follower of the blog although he did stalk me on Trip Advisor for a while) decided to show what a real disgrace the Imps were with the following tweet and hashtag.

From there, it appears that every single member of the squad has a character trait or two we should be aware of. Seriously, every single player. If Margaret Faiers thinks the banner was bad, you wait until she hears about Michael O’Connor’s brake lights.

Even the subs and reserves players are a disgrace.

Even the gaffer and Nicky are bad buggers.

Go to Twitter now, put in Jack’s hashtag #LincolnCityAreADisgrace and find out which two players prefer the Second Coming over the Roses’ early stuff, what the supermarket habits of our players are and who thinks Mrs Brown’s Boys is funny.




  1. Not on Twitter.. but I have the following.

    Colin Murphy once offered me his last Rolo, and then proceeded to scoff it himself.

  2. The responses are brilliant!

    That said, Shoot the vermin is a bit extreme with the word shoot. Most of the fans there are probably too young to remember when they were Wimbledon. As an aside “the football world will never forgive”, where was our banner at the Woolwich Arsenal game? Or for different towns, The Telford games?

    I just get a bit tired with all the hate in the game these days

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