Three Jackson-era players that were vastly under rated & three that were incredibly over rated

Over Rated – Janos Kovacs

Courtesy Graham Burrell

I remember standing at the back of the Stacey West stand one cold night, which they all seemed to be whenever Jackson was the manager, singing something like ‘His name is Janos, Janos Kovacs, and he is mental, and he is mad, he’s the greatest, central defender, Lincoln have ever had.’ I lied.

He was a nice bloke, let’s get that straight shall we. Janos was approachable, friendly and eager to talk. It was just that after McCombe, McCauley and Futcher, we needed someone who could defend and in my opinion, Kovacs was a poor imitation of those three, even Futcher.

Sure, he was eager and he was big, but he wasn’t as dominant in the air as Paul Morgan had been at three inches shorter. The Hungarian wasn’t the quickest either and although he weighed in with a few goals I always felt there was more. I like the idea of Janos Kovacs, but the reality wasn’t the same.

Some will mention him fondly now, those people might not be remembering with the clarity that I believe I do.


  1. I agree with you on all these, except on Patulea. Yes, he missed as many chances as he scored, but he still managed to be our top scorer with 11 goals in his 31 league appearances (14 of which he was only a sub). The best strikers usually miss as many as they score, but at least they get into the right place to do so. Interestingly, we took 47 points from the 31 games he played, and only 12 from the 15 games he didn’t play.

  2. Hmm

    Players I’d forgotten, some remembered with a shudder, but take issue with some of the ratings. Aaron Brown? Meh, average at best. Agree Rob Burch was a good keeper, let down by a deteriorating defence under Sutton. Paul Green (Schoey signing) was a good and versatile player blighted by injury.

    Kovacs I liked, no McAuley but he ‘laid it on the line’ as they say.

    Patulea ‘missed as many as he scored’ but that was John Ward’s modus operandi, the point is they both had the instinctive awareness to get in position to miss, dust themselves down and bury the next one, two very similar players. Patulea’s problem wasn’t lack of talent, it was prima donna tendencies.

    Jacko was ‘a good manager’ when Neil McDonald was his assistant. When McDonald left, it all went Pete Tong. Doesn’t take much to suss out why.

    No ‘Turbo’ Robinson, he of the open goal miss at Stockport??

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