In the hot seat: Swindon Town

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

I’ve been chatting to Swindon blogger Steven Fyfe about the Robins, their view of the season and how they see little old Lincoln City.

It’s a bit like the seven questions feature I did, but with six questions. Plus, its not a feature. Other than that, it’s identical. I hope people who do this sort of thing regularly don’t think I’m copying, after all I only took the chance because I had some to answer for Steven, whose blog can be found here.

Anyway, on with the show, eh?

1: How has this season been viewed by Swindon fans

Overall, frustrating and, at times, embarrassing. Without any illusions of grandeur we believe we should be chasing promotion not a bang average league two squad. Phil Brown didn’t get results or performances, and now Wellens has us playing better, even if results aren’t necessarily improving.

2: Has the change of manager brought any further success.

Not yet but it’s baby steps. This window could be massive as a few solid additions could help Wellens implement his improving style. I’m hoping the loan addition of Reading forward Ben House will prove a good move.

3: Michael Doughty started the season on fire, how’s he doing now?

Off the boil to be fair. Has missed large parts of the season due to injury. If fit and on form he is right up there as one of the best midfielders in the league- sadly we haven’t had him fit or in form much.

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

4: Can you trouble the top seven this season?

Can we, yes, will we, very unlikely. I was at the Mansfield draw recently and was very critical of the energy and dynamic in midfield. Scoring has largely been seen as our problem with Richards a shadow of the player he was and Adebayo getting a lot of criticism- he has since gone back to his parent club.

I’m hoping the win over Macclesfield may prove a turning point and catalyst as the winning goal was a virtual carbon copy of the infamous Deeney v Leicester goal and showed all the desire and effort fans hope for and expect.

5: Will you new manager take you forward? Why / why not?

I will reserve judgement a little longer but I hope so. It’s as much will our owner Lee Power let him by giving him resources than if Wellens will.

6: How do the rest of League Two see Lincoln City?

I personally don’t have an issue with Lincoln, in essence you are doing what I hope Swindon could do. I think you will get promotion and should win the league. My interest is your mentality. Can you cope with being the hunted instead of the hunter and will the players believe the hype and think the job is done?

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