Thanks / No Thanks: Swindon Town

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

Football’s rich tapestry winds it’s way through clubs, binding them together in shared experiences of players, managers and matches.

Every game conjures up images of heroes and villains, often one and the same from the perspective of two separate clubs. Bob Latchford has already been classed as a villain on these pages, but don’t tell Everton fans. 

Tomorrow’s opponents are no different, they have figures from their history who have impacted ours and vice versa. There’s a classic game to revisit, a Lincoln legend to salivate over and of course, a couple of utter flops.

Without further ado and in the absence of any juicy transfer gossip, let’s get stuck into two reasons we should thanks Swindon Town and two reasons we should stick up the middle finger and swear under our breath.



  1. I don’t want to be pedantic Gary but Glenn Cockerill is 2nd from the right on your photograph
    Excellent article apart from that

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