Stacey West Sponsorship Announcement

It is with great delight I can finally reveal the details of our player sponsorship for the final part of the season.

We were the sponsors of Matt Green’s shirt, which is done in conjunction with a couple of overseas readers who would prefer to remain anonymous. With Greeny leaving, that left the sponsorship needing to be transferred over.

For the second half of the season we will be sponsoring Cian Bolger’s home shirt. It’s great to be supporting a fellow auburn-haired fiery and if he contributes as much as Matt Green did last season we’ll be celebrating come May.

In addition, we pledged to donate every penny raised by the sale of the Stacey west fanzine on New Year’s Day to sponsoring a player. With that done we agreed to cover the home shirt of one of our departing stars. After a busy week of incomings, we’re now chuffed to bits to let you all know that your support has enabled us to become the home shirt sponsor for….. Danny Rowe.

Courtesy Graham Burrell

He’s the third player we’re involved with as we are also members of the Mattadores group that not only sponsors Matt Rhead, but also donates to charity in his name at the end of the season.

We’re delighted to be able to have our name associated with two of the key signings from the transfer window. There’s no need to worry about the so-called curse of the Stacey West either, that applies mainly to signed pictures on my wall. I just wished I’d known sooner, I would have got three of Ollie Palmer last season….

We obviously wish Cian and Danny all the best under our sponsorship, but thanks to the NZ family who support us with Bolger and of course, to everyone who bought the fanzine last time out to enable us to sponsor Rowe.

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