Three key battles to keep an eye on this weekend


John Akinde v Scott Cuthbert


Courtesy of Graham Burrell

This might seem a no brainer, but the absence of Ben Nugent throws up an interesting proposition. We’ll be playing with one up top, that’s usual, perhaps with Danny Rowe in the 10 role. There’s a chance Shay might drop in there and Rowe go out wide, or we might see Jordan Roberts get a start. The players orbiting John might change, but he’ll be the constant.

If he can get the better of Cuthbert, the former Luton Town captain, we could enjoy some success. John gets a lot of long balls into his head and he’s winning plenty of aerial duels, but if we can get into his feet and on the turn, it could pay dividends. Cuthbert is a good defender but he’s not the quickest anymore. He’s 6ft 2in and can mix it all day in the air, but if John turns on the languid, ambling pace he has, we might get in behind.

Much is then reliant on the player in the ten role. If we can start getting him into the area when John gets out wide, whoever it may be, we might find an unconventional route to goal.