5 Players who might be available to us again if we are promoted in May


Sammie Szmodics


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Okay, I’m taking a real leap here. He’s the only person on the list who hasn’t suffered a change in circumstances this season, and he’s the only one on the list who Danny hasn’t either had or chased whilst at Lincoln.

He did have him at Braintree though and, if we go up and Colchester don’t, could he be someone we might tempt to the Bank.

If we did, we’d be incredibly lucky. This kid is a real talent and has no business being in League Two. In October 2015, he spent a month on loan at Braintree where he impressed, but since then he’s kicked on and improved immensely.

There were rumours of a £1m move for him in the January window, which would seemingly rule out any chance we might tempt him, but if those bigger clubs sign him and loan him back out, who knows?

According to transfermrkt.com he’s out of contract this summer, but something tells me that data must be wrong, otherwise there would be more of a furore over his future, surely.


  1. If I could have my pick out of that list it would be Raggett without a doubt. What I wouldn’t give to see him back in an Imps shirt.

  2. A big YES to Woodyard, definitely would love to see him come back. I would also go for Szmodics as he is quality, while I would not be averse to having Raggett back either.

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