He’ll score past us: Five ex-Imps who came back to haunt fans

It’s almost inevitable that at some point in the future, Ollie Palmer will score against us.

It’s one of the quirks of football that ex-players love a goal against their former employers. He’s not on our list, but a case point is Terry Hawkridge. His first league goal for Notts, indeed his only goal for them in a seven month period, was against the Imps.

All through time there’s former players who come back to haunt us as fans. Players who love the goal they score, others who do not. Terry wouldn’t celebrate his strike, but you can guarantee Ollie Palmer would.

Oh yes, he’d bloody love it.

We’re just as bad, taking the likes of Palmer and Green to Mansfield where they both scored. Even away from City it’s headline making, which United fans can forget Law’s backheel for Manchester City? 

I’ve only gone back in my time as a fan for this article, so please no pulling me up on not having Tommy Tynan on the list, but I’ve come up with five players who seriously hacked me off when they bagged against the Imps, whether it was their attitude or just because it almost made me cry.

I’d say enjoy. You won’t.



  1. You can’t leave out TT in 1983. The Newport game in a prolonged torrent of rain, me and my old man leaving at half time, (the first and last time) I ever left a game early. I was only thirteen and had no choice! The wheels had come off Murph’s first mission and TT had come back to haunt us! The team and squad disembarked soon afterwards going on to play at higher levels. Your dad could have populated a half a page on this after you had removed the swear words from the whole page.

  2. No Kevin Ellison?

    I was at Telford when Perry came on as sub and scored twice, having been happily chatting with all and sundry during the HT ‘warm up’. Nice bloke, in a band, I thought he was the bees knees, a key component as Tilson returned the Imps to their rightful place in the EFL.

    Add your comments, ‘sad, deluded’ being compulsory.

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