An alternative Keith Alexander XI

Courtesy Graham Burrell

The weekend has seen many of us looking back fondly on the reign of Keith Alexander as Imps’ manager, recalling his many transfer hits and the big players of the day.

2002 to 2006 were great days to follow the Imps, bouncing back from administration to find ourselves on the cusp of promotion. back then means almost certainly restricted our progress, had we been richer then perhaps Keith would have led us out of the basement division. There had been talk of him monitoring George Boyd, Craig Mackail-Smith and Aaron McLean.

We couldn’t afford them though, yet the gaffer constantly put us in the top seven. For four years we were ‘there or thereabouts’, always hinting at greater potential but never quite reaching it.

What he did as a manager should never be under-estimated.

Still, in those four years there were plenty of players that perhaps we wouldn’t recall as fondly as the others. Here, definitely not a ‘worst XI’, is a team of Keith Alexander signings you’d do well to remember.

A word of thanks to Graham Burrell who found pictures of almost all of them. That’s a hell of an effort!