Lincoln City Squad Current Contract Stats

I’ve had a message from a reader, Val, who wanted to know the current contract status of some of our players.

At present, just five players have their contracts up for renewal this summer. Matt Gilks and Josh Vickers were the two big names on the list, until 3pm this afternoon. Gilks has been outstanding since coming in, with Vickers having signed a new deal it’s now open to debate whether Gilks will follow suit. 

Club legend (and I won’t hear anything else) Matt Rhead also faces a decision this summer. He suggested on the pitch after the game that he’s keen to stay with the club and I suspect Danny is keen to reward the big man for his loyalty and keep the dimension he brings late in matches. He won’t feature regularly next season but let’s be honest; he’s been written off every season since Danny arrived and he’s still a big part of the squad.

Michael O’Connor’s deal in the summer had a clause in it with an option for a second season, but quite what that looks like is anyone’s guess. it could be triggered by starts, although it’s more likely something the club have a chance to action, should they so desire.

Finally, Sam is out of contract this summer too. He’s working towards a recovery, but this season may well have left him behind. The likelihood is he gets an extra year, as cover and as a well-respected member of the group.

Cian Bolger and John Akinde are on the longest deals, both are with the club until the end of the 2021 season, or our Championship promotion season as I know it. The rest are up for renewal next season and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if one or two of the players on the middle list extended their stays given the recent promotion.

It also wouldn’t surprise me if at least two leave in the summer despite being under contract.

Finally, the really important ones, Danny and Nicky. They’re contracted to the club until 2022 and unless West Ham come knocking, don’t expect them to leave before then.

Courtesy Graham Burrell

Contract expires in summer 2019
Sam Habergham, Michael O’Connor, Matt Gilks.

Contract expires in summer 2020
Grant Smith, Neal Eardley, Jason Shackell, James Wilson, Harry Toffolo, Lee Frecklington, Harry Anderson, Michael Bostwick, Tom Pett, Ellis Chapman, Bruno Andrade, Josh Vickers, Matt Rhead

Contract expires in summer 2021
John Akinde, Cian Bolger.

Contract expires in 2022
Danny Cowley, Nicky Cowley.


  1. Sorry, but you will hear something else. Rhead has been here for 4 seasons. He was effective for the first 2, scoring the bulk of his goals in non-league against part-time pub players. His only hat-trick came against mighty Whitehawk FC. The last 2 years have seen him drain a huge salary out of the club whilst making limited appearances. This year he has managed 2 league goals – about £50,000 per goal. Hardly value for money in my book. There is no room for sentiment, as I am sure Alan Marriot will testify. Thank him for his efforts and show him the door now – please.

  2. Oops…..seems like the Paperclip Imp hasn’t got his wish,the star that is Rheady is still shining with us for another season!!
    Also,don’t know which teams in the National League are made up of pub part timers,I thought virtually all are full time,but hey ho,never let facts get in the way of a good biased rant………

  3. Don’t talk like an idiot. Rheady is worth his weight in gold. Its not about the goals he scores its about the variety he brings and how he holds the line up and opens doors with his immense heading ability. In the past I have said that there is no room for sentimentality for players but Rheady up to now is not in that bracket. Just look how he lead the line against a very good Trannmere side. Rheady is priceless!!!

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