Our Final Word on the West Brom Saga

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

We’ve had the statement now and fresh from writing about play-off matches we’re not in, I’m able to look a bit deeper into the club’s press release and the reaction to it.

As a reminder to the latest news (actual news, not a journalist getting duff information from a dodgy source), here’s the statement from the club.

“The success we have enjoyed over the last 3 remarkable seasons has brought us considerable positive coverage and raised the profile of the club, the players and Danny and Nicky Cowley. The accolades for our management team have been thoroughly deserved and it is understandable if they attract the attention of clubs at a higher level.

However, we have had no official approach from any club to speak with Danny and Nicky.

The board talk regularly with Danny and Nicky who remain totally committed and focused on preparations for next season in our new adventure in League 1.”

In addition, Danny has been speaking to the Lincolnshire Echo. To read the full story head over to their site here, but a couple of key phrases are below for your loving enjoyment.

“We’re totally focused on working very hard for Lincoln City and preparing the team for life in League One …  We respect there’s going to be talk and, as a club, we should take pride in the fact that people want our players and want our staff. Three years ago, it wasn’t like that. It just shows how far we’ve come.

“We’ve got a unique bond with our supporters, we’ve got a brand-new training ground and we’ve got a team of hardworking, honest boys, who want to improve every day, as well as a lot of momentum behind us.

“Here and now, we are completely driven and completely focused on building a competitive team so Lincoln City can establish themselves in League One.”

Courtesy Graham Burrell

That’s what the key people are saying. Up until yesterday, I don’t think the club needed to make a statement, they’re not obliged to respond to chatter on Twitter. remember, Twitter isn’t a source of genuine news, anyone can write anything and half the time, we don’t know who they are or where it comes from.

However, once a Press Association journalist put the story out about talks taking place, something he to be said for the club’s dignity. If DC was talking to the Baggies, it needed to be officially confirmed. If he wasn’t, which he wasn’t as it turned out, then the club had to issue a denial. there didn’t need to be any big argument, just a brief a succinct statement confirming the rumours were lies.

That’s a hint, a quiet one, a sly one, but an indication that as things stand nothing is happening

That’s now been done, but it doesn’t satisfy some. I’m convinced there are a group of supporters out there who genuinely want the worst to happen. I felt it when we drew 0-0 with Morecambe in 2018, I felt it when we drew several at home this year and I feel it now. Some fans want conspiracy, they want Danny and Nicky to leave so they can climb up on that high horse and say ‘I told you so’. 

This statement doesn’t mean they won’t leave, but that was the case last season and will be the case next season as well. You’re not going to get Danny coming out and saying ‘we’re not going anywhere’, because what if they were suddenly offered a year’s salary a week to go and manage a Championship side? If they took it, they’d be vilified, much like Paul Hurst was at Shrewsbury.

There’s the odd little hint of what they’re feeling to be found, if you dig deep enough. Danny liked a tweet by someone who has inexplicably blocked me for the umpteenth time on Twitter saying they were still the managers of the club right now. That’s a hint, a quiet one, a sly one, but an indication that as things stand nothing is happening.

They’ll never say never. They wouldn’t be so naive as to commit career suicide at the tender age of 40. Danny Cowley is, in my opinion, on a collision course with top-flight football. That doesn’t mean he’s going now, but he won’t be making rash statements to the press he doesn’t need to make. The club have said there’s no approach and if that changes you’ll now know. 

Not via a journalist with a dodgy source, not via an anonymous kit man, coach, agent, tea lady or whatever else they pretend to be. You’ll hear it through the official channels. 

For now, I hope this kills the speculation. Unless something solid develops I will pay no more lip service to it on here. I do desperately hope those ‘ITK’, the ones who slander Alex Woodyard and Nathan Arnold for things they supposedly know will leave our managers alone now. We’re a League One side, we’re intact behind the scenes, there’s no split, no fued and no desire for a parting of ways. Football is a game full of surprises and nothing can be ruled out in the future, but right now the message is clear.

As far as the club are concerned, Danny and Nicky are going nowhere, except maybe Dubai for a well-earned family holiday. If I’m honest, I believe they’re settled here, the kids are settled here and their families and right now I’m not sure a move is the right step to take. That’s the last I’ll hear of it until a proper source tells me otherwise.



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    • “Well said Gary . I just hope you’re right.” What exactly does that mean? I am actually quite cynical, have WBA come out and said that an approach has not been made? I am not judging mearly asking the question!

      • Gary, you usually say in a chapter what most people could say in a sentence! I understand why, because you are a blogger who wants to attract hits to your site…. However this latest contribution is disjointed and sounds like a last ditch effort to encourage fans to believe that there has been no communication between WBA and the brothers! I really hope that this is the case.

        • I have to disagree with you about the content Gorge. As I see it Gary is just explaining the situation regarding the Cowleys and West Brom. The thorough information is designed to allay concerns. My overarching worry is that there will be an offer for them that is too good to refuse. Keeping my fingers crossed that they will stay for at least a couple more years.

  1. Thank goodness for that I don’t want him I’ve had enough of people teachers running my club

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