Mark O’Hara ‘reveal’ – our opinion

Courtesy Graham Burrell

Firstly, please forgive me; this is a first for me. I’m dictating this to a friend as I’ve pulled a muscle in my back and am unable to type.

It’s ridiculous really, I struggled to lift a cup of tea this morning. I’ve pondered on how I can do an article and figured this is the only way. It’s really odd, saying what I want instead of typing it…. I have to think more!

It’s a short one this evening, but I didn’t want to let Darragh MacAnthony’s comments pass without some sort of analysis from us. In case you missed it, he’s suggested that we’re not willing to pay the fee they want for Mark O’Hara. He expects Danny to ‘try to get him for free’ later in the summer which apparently won’t be happening.

I’ve been quite vocal in my admiration for MacAnthony and just because what he is saying isn’t in our favour won’t change that. He’s only telling us what I suspect we all knew; they have one valuation of O’Hara and it’s more than the figure we’re willing to pay. In essence, he’s only giving us something to talk about when 95% of clubs wouldn’t put it in the public domain.

My guess is they’re wanting a six-figure sum for him. It’s good business if they get it; he didn’t cost them anything and isn’t a key player either, so any sale is going to be profitable. Danny is shrewd, he’s squeezing every last penny out of our budget and nobody is going to have his pants down in a  bidding war, so we hit a stalemate.

Courtesy Graham Burrell

What I will cast doubt on is MacAnthony’s assertion that there isn’t a deal to be done. That’s rubbish and he knows it. If it gets to August and O’Hara is still a Posh player, then the price is sure to come down. They clearly don’t want him, we do and that means a deal is always there to be done, it just depends who blinks first.

Who do you think it will be?

Remember, O’Hara is not just saleable to them, he’s also a cost every week. He’s a player they’re not going to want on the wage bill if they’re not going to play him. Right now, they’re holding out for the fee they want and obviously, MacAnthony isn’t going to say that on social media. He’s got to keep his poker face up, for now, especially when he’s speaking to fans.

However, if Darren Ferguson wants that wage on his budget, not leaking out of it, he’s going to be open to a deal. I would imagine what they’re hoping for is an SPFL side, aware of O’Hara’s talents, are going to drop by and take him off their hands.

What really wouldn’t surprise me is a loan deal before the season starts. At the very least Posh wouldn’t lose face, but they’d shift a wage out of the club. Failing that, a big move for one of our players might give Danny the cash to pay a fee and if that happens, he’s bound to find a willing ear in the Peterborough chairman.

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  1. The player can sit tight too and does not need to go to the highest bidder.
    It’s a win win situation for us now that he has seen what Danny brings to the table.
    He is a top 1st Division player that will get better the fitter he becomes.

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