Fixture Changes: Our View

The Imps have had three fixtures moved of late, two home and one away.

The big one is going to be Blackpool away. It was one of the games everyone looked for on the fixture list and a lot of people booked hotels for. It’s now been shifted from Saturday to Friday on police advice.

I’ve seen some discontent about the situation, people asking if they can get compensation for their hotels and stuff like that. The answer is going to be a huge no. It’s not the club’s fault the game has been moved, in fact, it’s my understanding they did everything they could to ensure it was not moved.

Sadly, Lincoln are just one of several parties invested in this situation. Blackpool are another and, most important of all, Blackpool Police are another. I’m led to believe that there is a clash with a Preston North End home match and the two share some safety staff. Both clubs seem to have rearranged a handful of fixtures between them so I’m afraid we’re a victim of circumstance on this one.

I’ve looked carefully at the other two and notice away trips on the Tuesday following the games; one of which is Portsmouth. Now, I understand exiled Imps often can make a Saturday afternoon game but struggle with a night match; this applies to some season ticket holders and friends of the blog. I fully understand the issue with the game being moved from their point of view, it may mean they either miss the game or have to take a day of annual leave.

On the flip side, whatever the motivation behind the moves, they do give our players an extra day’s break before a long midweek trip. That’s got to be a positive, hasn’t it? After all, we’re all here for one reason are we not? To have our football club be successful. We’re going to operate on a small squad and an extra recovery day before a long trip is going to help keep players fit and fresh.

I’m not saying that’s why the games have been moved, but it’s got to be a positive anyway, surely? We’re going to need every little helping hand we can get and every advantage we can use next season. This season isn’t going to be like the last three years, this isn’t comparable with anything in the last thirty-five years. It’s going to be tough, but we’re not in the third-tier to make up the numbers, yesterday’s signing proved that.

We’re going for it, hoping to establish ourselves as a League One side. To do that, we’re going to need all those little gains to be in our favour.

It’s easy for me to say, I work flexible hours and live close enough to attend a night match, but sometimes we have to see the bigger picture. In all honesty, the last thing I wanted was night matches against Rotherham and Shrewsbury with the ghosts of 2011 still very fresh in my mind, but that’s the price we have to pay for meticulous planning and attention to detail.

Surely, a decent atmosphere against a local rival isn’t such a huge loss if it means getting an edge in the following encounter? Besides, we didn’t have any night matches at the Bank I don’t believe and I do love a game under the floodlights. Just not one we lose 6-0 or 5-1.


  1. Gary Citys’ official website states this game will be FRIDAY 27th and NOT a Sunday as you state.

  2. Strikes me that there have been external influences on more than just a couple of our away fixtures. Our 3 big days out were always going to be Portsmouth, Blackpool and Sunderland. Assuming at least one of us or Sunderland is in FA Cup 3rd Round then not one of these is going to be on a Saturday afternoon. Our biggest away day last season was MK Dons – another Tuesday night.

    Too many to be a coincidence for me.

  3. Not casting blame on anyone and have sympathy for all who booked BUT we might need to get used to this a bit more. I am travelling up from the deep south here for the Donny game but booking trains to get me there for a 12:15 kick off on the expectation the police will change it. Difficult to guarantee things the higher you go. My Palace fan mate has a nightmare with this

    • As a case in point I now find I can’t book trains for then as there is work on the line so need to find another way there

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