Imps’ fans start crowdfunder to help out with League One push

The Fan’s Player Scheme has joined forces with the 617 Sqd to launch a crowd funder to help Danny and Nicky out this summer.

There is an obvious lift in the amount of money needed by the manager to fund this season’s push and, whilst the club are not in any serious danger, many people have expressed a desire to help out where they can.

That’s prompted Andy Helgesen of the FPS to join forces with our block seven renegades to launch the crowd funder. They’ve put out the following statement:

“617 & FPS Impvestment Fund – Following on with Lincoln City tradition of late, past fans have lead efforts that have contributed to bringing in some influential players such as in the 70’s with Peter Grotier, the 90’s with Super Kevin Austin and more recently with Sean Raggett, Callum Howe and Nathan Arnold.

“With this in mind, 617 and the FPS have joined forces to raise funds to enable Danny and Nicky, the Opportunity to again focus their efforts on bringing in a player to contribute in our efforts to push on to the next level.

“This is a fans led initiative, hoping to continue the tradition.

“We are calling on all fans and fans groups to back our efforts in helping to pay it forward by giving Danny and Nicky funds to continue the amazing journey that we are on and the magnificent job that they have done so far.”

It’s a well-known fact that in the seventies, supporters helped fund the purchase of Peter Grotier who went on to be a crucial part of the 1976 title-winning side. John Beck launched a similar appeal to help bring Super Kevin Austin to the club, another key player as we pushed on to promotion to the third-tier in the late nineties.

As we suffered harder times after relegation in 2011, fans helped to purchase Callum Howe, Sean Raggett and, crucially, Nathan Arnold, who bagged that last-gasp winner against Ipswich to truly put the club back on the map.

If you’d like to donate and help bring the next Super Kev or Raggs to the club, you can follow the link below.


    • I believe that’s outlined on crowdfunder isn’t it? Helgy never, ever takes any costs for his time do it’ll only be the website’s usual structure.

  1. Anyone can choose to spend their money as their wish but seems odd to do one of these now. All the money that has been pouring into Lincoln of late and this is but a drop in that ocean. It was needed in the bad days, not so long ago, but now it is a much smaller percentage of the budget. Personally I would be happier to see this go to an alligned charity who do desperately need the genoristy of fans

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