Trialists may be key to strengthening as Danny confirms transfer policy

‘No new signings imminent’ – that’s the call from Danny Cowley this weekend after the Imps first two pre-season matches.

The whole squad got a work out at Gainsborough in a local festival of football, but after the Imps pair of wins Danny told Rob Makepeace that no new faces were imminent.

Coming off the back of a week where we’ve signed Jack Payne and Jorge Grant, there’s little surprise the talk has turned to budget. Neither player will have been cheap, but both are exactly what was needed in the grand scheme of things. 

Consider this; we lost loan players only at the end of last season, the three main ones being McCartan, Rowe and O’Hara. We’ve brought in three, broadly speaking in the same roles as those we lost.

The one player we did lose and haven’t replaced, as yet, is Lee Angol but after playing just half an hour or so it could be argued it wasn’t a huge loss.

I have little doubt Danny will play the loan market as the days wind down, but right now his major moves have been completed. He did have a selection of trialists on display yesterday, all looking to earn a spot with the Imps next season. That’s going to be a ‘cheaper’ route to unearthing talent; Danny gets the players in who are looking for a deal, sells them the club and ethos and, if he likes them, batters them down on wages. At least that’s how I see it.

Many names have been suggested and there are four which I have seen a couple of times, so we’ll have a quick look at all four, to give you a broader idea of who might (or might not) have been representing the Imps yesterday.



  1. All those mentioned played yesterday. Harriman did OK – bit smaller than Eards. Edibor looked good but …..he had no real opposition so plenty of time with the ball.

  2. I don’t think the “Alex” that was playing looked anything like this guy. He was blond for a start.

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