Trialists may be key to strengthening as Danny confirms transfer policy

Jarvis Edobor

Credit Brentford FC

Edobor is another youngster, 20-years-old, who has been identified as one of the centre-halves we had out yesterday. He’s come from Brentford, but spent time on loan with Maidstone last season. he played seven times for them, three of which were starts

He hasn’t come through the Bees youth set-up though, instead they signed him from Chalfont St Peter to take a place in their ‘B’ team squad. He signed a new deal with them in 2017, at which time their head of operations Rob Rowan said; “He is a little raw in some areas of his game which is acceptable when you haven’t been exposed to more structured training and/or the requirements set upon young players from a physical and tactical perspective.

“Over the past year he’s shown the Technical Staff & I that he has improved in some areas of his game and potentially more importantly, he has shown an understanding of where his weaknesses are and how to improve them.”

He’s a central defender by trade, but can play full back if required; think a raw version of James Wilson. 

I have been told he did well yesterday, but whether that’s enough to keep him with the club remains to be seen.


  1. All those mentioned played yesterday. Harriman did OK – bit smaller than Eards. Edibor looked good but …..he had no real opposition so plenty of time with the ball.

  2. I don’t think the “Alex” that was playing looked anything like this guy. He was blond for a start.

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