‘Slightly underwhelming’, ‘I love it’ – Once again, opinion is divided as the Imps release away kit

I’ve never recalled such excitement over a kit release before. I recall opinions (94/95….) but never such a furore over when it might be out. 

At least Rob Beezley can sleep easy now, eh Rob? The away kit has finally landed and I’ve known what it was going to look like for a while. Sort of.

As part of the supporter’s board, we did have to look at the kits chosen and say whether we liked them or not. Originally the blue on this kit was suggested as another colour, one that made us look a bit like another team I don’t like. As a board we suggested a change and the club listened.

However, I would say the final kit looks slightly different to the one we checked out. I actually think the sponsor’s logo would be much better in colour on this shirt, rather than white, but that’s personal taste.

In truth, it’s a nice kit. Again, if I had my choice, we wouldn’t have grey we’d have a deeper blue or the same blue as on the arms, but in terms of getting something likeable in the colours the club wanted, they’ve done a good job. Even more so with the little touches that set it apart from a simple ‘off the shelf’ effort. 

The club’s range of wearable merchandise is certainly better this year and I think the effort that has been put in can be seen. A kit is very subjective, much like art. I like the home kit, albeit perhaps not the solid red back, but then again the media guys love that they’ll be able to read numbers clearly. I actually like a colour sponsor, on both kits, as I feel it helps add character. You wouldn’t want to be investing a small fortune in having your logo on a shirt if it didn’t stand out.

Anyway, response to the away kit has been largely positive, but as expected there are some contrasting views. Player signings are usually either 90% good or 90% bad, but a shirt is always going to have a much larger split. As you’ll read below, that’s also the case with the away shirt.

You can buy the shirts here if you so desire.


  1. Bloody Grey again ,i would love a navy blue one ( one of our most popular selling shirts @2002) with a red imp.Oh well maybe next year?

  2. Not for me. A) it looks like tinfoil. b) Reminds me of the grey and navy away kit from the Chris Sutton era. Mind you not many of the buyers will know that…

  3. Grey is anonymous difficult to see across pitch (is that why?). Bold colours present an image of a team to be reckoned with. It’s only a slight IMPediment, get on with it boys! UTI!

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