Danny Cowley issues injury update on absent trio

Courtesy Graham Burrell

Danny Cowley has delivered an update on the injury situation around a trio of players missing from the recent friendly with Sheffield Wednesday, as reported by Lincolnshire Live.

Tom Pett, club captain Lee Frecklington and Player of the Year Michael Bostwick all missed out on the credible 3-1 defeat, a game which proved to be the last Owls’ fixture for manager Steve Bruce. The curse of the Imps strikes again after Shaun Derry and Kevin Nolan left their jobs following fixtures with us.

Fans might be concerned to hear of three considerable talents missing in pre-season, but it’s not all bad news.

In the case of Micahel Bostwick, the explanation was one more of sports science than of an actual injury. Analysis of Bozzy’s body has identified a susceptibility to calf strains which can be minimalised pre-season.

“We have to build up his calves before he does too much too aggressively,” Danny said.

“We need to build endurance in his calves up because, if we don’t, he feels the load in them and is susceptible to strains.”

Captain Lee Frecklington was always going to be one who had his issues and upon signing in January 2018 it was believed he’d only play 70% of fixtures. He’s been suffering from a groin issue and once again, the club have taken a pragmatic approach to deal with the problem, rather than trying to use pain management.

“He had an operation a few weeks ago. That was just to make sure the blood is flowing properly and to make sure he’s not suffering from any blood clots.

“It didn’t matter how much rehab we gave him, we couldn’t remove that consistent pain, so we decided to take that route [an operation] and, by all accounts, it has been successful.”

That just leaves attacking midfielder Pett, one of the title-winning side who might be feeling the pinch of competition with the arrival of Joe Morrell, Jack Payne and Jorge Grant. Pett is perhaps our most attack-minded midfielder and is surely in competition with at least two of our new arrivals.

That means he’ll want to be fit and ready as soon as possible, something Danny admits might not be the case.

“He’s a bit nervy in his back and he’s had a scan,” Danny explained.

“It’s a protruding disk which means the sciatic nerve has to travel a bit further than usual and it is causing him pain during certain movements.

“We’re trying to settle that down, but they’re not the easiest of injuries to deal with. We’ll have to see how it settles and we’ll know more going forward.”

Courtesy Graham Burrell

The only other concern is Sam Habergham, but he’s a continued long-term absentee. He missed all of last season with a knee injury and has not yet signed fresh terms with the club after his contract expired at the end of the season.

Whilst injuries are part and parcel of the game, we do have a good record of managing our senior players through minor knocks and niggles. We haven’t lost a key player for a significant amount of time during the season and much of that is down to our excellent medical team. I can say that first hand, having seen Ross myself with my back; in terms of Tom Pett’s injury, there are few specialists in the country as knowledgable as Ross.

With Bozzy it’s clear that it’s an intricate knowledge of his body that led to the absence, which leaves Lee. We knew Lee would struggle for periods, the latter part of his career has featured lots of time on the sidelines. However, he’s been effective when he has been able to play, but perhaps didn’t get back to his pre-Port Vale levels after getting injured last season.




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  1. I doubt Sam will get to his previous levels of fitness which is a shame as he was the most consistent performer during our conference season.
    Groin injuries are also difficult to resolve unless complete rest as well as managing Petts sciatica means they are unlikely to be fully ready before September which is disappointing as I thought we might get off to a flyer with this team/squad.
    Hope they fully recover.

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