‘We’re a long way from where we need to be’ – Is Danny right?

The Imps slipped to a 2-0 defeat this afternoon against Scunthorpe United, with Danny claiming afterwards if we play like we did against the Iron all season, we’ll be relegated.

He didn’t mince his words post-match, with Lincolnshire Live reporting he said; “If we play like we’ll be relegated, that’s for sure. We’re a lot way off where we need to be.”

It wasn’t a great performance and as usual, plenty of people had the knives out on social media after the game. Comments such as ‘Akinde doesn’t look interested’ have already been spied before a ball has been kicked in anger, (sorry Kev but yours was the first I saw).

Personally, reading too much into pre-season games is a fallacy I’ve been arguing against all summer. These results are just being used by people to further their own arguments; the Akinde haters, in particular, will doubtless be out on Facebook but I won’t see them. How on earth sections of our support can criticise a centre forward who helped a side to win a title is beyond me.

I’ve seen calls for us to sign another centre back when Jason Shackell’s suspension runs to a couple of games, people saying Bolger isn’t good enough as well; they’ve clearly not learned from the Tom Pett experience, he was called all sorts after signing in January but once he had a pre-season under his belt, all was good again.

I understand Danny wasn’t happy and I’m not calling him out for getting too wrapped up in pre-season, he’s the manager and it’s his job. For me, the only result that matters is the one we’ll be reading about in seven days time. Until then, you’ll not find me getting het up about a bloody pre-season friendly played in front of 1,600 people.

There are a few who feel the same way, with a selection of comments here for your perusal.

Disclaimer – I won’t put ones in here that simply slag off one of our players. I know if big John doesn’t score for the first six games the smug ‘I told you so’ brigade will be out. When that happens, I’ll show you pictures of fans with the League Two trophy. he was good enough last season; this season judgement is reserved until we’ve actually played a proper game, not had a kick about in a half-empty stadium with a local lower league team.



  1. For the few people who rate Akinde, lets just see if he is still in the starting lineup in October, I doubt it.

  2. Once saw a friendly in Colin Murphys time against Frickley Colliery and i swore then i would never go to another friendly. The only benefit to the fan is so he is able to find the stadium.

  3. If your defenders have got a really good chance to finish season with more goals from open play than your striker than you can be worried…

  4. Pre-season games are about as reliable as dissecting rat’s entrails to forecast the future. What is vaguely disturbing about yesterday’s meltdown is that Danny Cowley chose to stoke up the heat. I guess he had his reasons.

  5. Disappointing result yes, but I am trying to be optimistic, and think to myself. Well the poor showing was probably for the benefit of the Accrington Stanley scouts. As I said being optomistic.

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