‘Danny thought I’d drop my drawers’ – Posh chairman holding firm on Mark O’Hara fee

Courtesy Graham Burrell

Peterborough chairman Darragh MacAnthony, a man who seems to give me more stories than our own club, has been on Twitter once more explaining his version of the Mark O’Hara situation.

O’Hara, for those not paying attention, was the midfielder on loan with City last season. Unlike many of our current midfield players, he could play the holding role and even dip into the centre of defence making him a useful addition even at this late stage.

He was cast out by Steve Evans last season and loaned to us with what MacAnthony claims was an agreed fee of £50,000 should we earn promotion. We did earn promotion and the confident Posh owner is now claiming we’re trying to get O’Hara cheaper and going back on the ‘deal’, or ‘option’ as I call it.

Let’s be honest shall we; somebody, somewhere, has been creating rumours this week around our squad. Did anyone not hear about us supposedly signing Tyler Walker until the Nottingham Post printed it? The rumour probably came bunched in with O’Hara’s name as well. I heard these stories last night and kept them quiet; I won’t print rumour nor anything that isn’t in the public domain already. Some social media users do not extend their sources the same courtesy.

Courtesy Graham Burrell

That’s clearly led someone to go to MacAnthony wanting clarification as if a random Twitter user deserves to know and as we know, he’s only too happy to oblige.

When quizzed as to whether we were further down the line with O’Hara, MacAnthony said: “Not at all. Danny C been on all week to us. Figure hasn’t changed, it’s small fee and fair. So if they want him, pay it or don’t.”

He was then asked if the fee was negotiable or if there was a chance to loan him until January; it seems as though Danny is getting random Twitter users to do the negotiating now. They need to improve their skills though as MacAnthony showed his hand with his reply.

“No and no pal. Bloody hell its 50 grand we talking about. Not earth shattering for big club like that. Anyhow we happy to keep him with us.”

Nice to be called a big club though. Finally, a Rangers fan has also waded in on transfer business between two League One clubs, questioning why Posh were arguing over £50k for a player they’re unlikely to use.

“It’s principal pal. When Danny signed him, deal was option to buy for that if he helped get them up. He did. Danny thought I’d drop my drawers etc. I didn’t. And I’m not changing mind on it. Principal is principal.”

The point everyone is missing here is that Mark O’Hara is a nice kid looking to make his way in professional football and thanks to his current chairman and a few random Twitter users, his situation is laid out bare for all to see.

Whether we sign him or not, I hope he does end up somewhere he’s valued and can play regular football.

My other point would be more of a question; which of this summer’s signings at Posh will be the subject of this sort of gossip next summer? We had Ricky Miller hailed as the next big thing then disposed of like a used nappy and O’Hara talked up last summer and now being used as a pawn in a game of principle (a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behaviour or for a chain of reasoning, not the head of a school).

Who is it likely to be treated this way next season? Watch out Mo Eisa is all I’ll say.


  1. Glad to see we’re still in for O’Hara . Good player . Hopefully we can get the deal done. Actually I can understand both sides. Danny trying to get him for less and posh chairman trying to get at least 50k for him which is more than fair price. …

  2. £50k for a young, League 1 ready player? That’s not even a decision in my book……. pay it, get him and short of a couple of squad fillers on loan that is us ready for the season.

  3. Woe betide a random twitter user asking a Football Chairman a question and receiving an honest response! How very dare he/she!

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