Shay McCartan believes he knows why Imps results fizzled out last season

Former Imps midfielder Shay McCartan has admitted that the squad believed they were up with games to spare last season, which may account for the loss of form in the final weeks.

McCartan played a key role for the Imps, not only grabbing the Goal of the Season, but also the club’s 6500th goal as well as the one which clinched the promotion against Cheltenham.

He admitted to the Telegraph and Argus that the confusion of the afternoon, with the Imps unsure of whether promotion had been achieved or not, took a slight shine off the win.

“It was a nice feeling that my goal got us promoted but we weren’t sure if we were up at the end,” McCartan said. “We were hanging around waiting on other results before we found out we’d done it.”

6500th goal – Courtesy Graham Burrell

It took another two matches before the title was clinched, but McCartan confessed that being clear at the top did factor into the performances at the end of the season.

“Realistically, we knew we were up with a month to go. I think we were about 11 points clear. We were just waiting for it to happen, that’s probably why our results fizzled out a bit.”

Nonetheless, it was still a wonderful achievement and something the former Accrington forward called a ‘special feeling’.

“But it was a special feeling when we won the league. The pitch invasion and everything was great. If that happens at Bradford, the whole city will be buzzing.”

McCartan missed the opening game of Bradford’s League Two campaign with a calf injury, but is hoping to experience some of the success he enjoyed with the Imps whilst back with his parent club.