‘I think you’ll find he did celebrate’ – Danny Cowley addresses Bruno Andrade concerns

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

It’s been suggested in recent weeks that Bruno Andrade isn’t happy at the club. Whether it was a supposed spat with Bozzy, trying to head down the tunnel at Rotherham or allegedly not celebrating his goal against Southend, the internet is alive with talk of his unease.

I’ve had text messages from people suggesting all manner of things, from impending moves to a lack of commitment. I argued in my piece at the weekend that we didn’t have much to worry about, my exact words being “players who are unhappy don’t perform and in two cameo appearances at home, he’s won a penalty and scored a goal.”

Danny has moved quickly to address the rumours of discontent in his press conference this weekend. Rob Makepeace, who can always be relied upon to ask the right questions, skirted around the situation with a question about commitment which led Danny to move the chatter on to Bruno’s attitude after being left out of the team.

“Their attitudes (Bruno and John Akinde) have been excellent. I know a few people have questioned Bruno and his body language and maybe celebrating goals.”

Rob then cut in, suggesting Bruno hadn’t celebrated the goal at the weekend, but DC was having none of it.

Imps, including Bruno, celebrate the winner against Huddersfield in midweek – Courtesy of Graham Burrell

“I think you’ll find he did. if you look back and watch it closely he did celebrate. He only went in quickly after because he has to do the subs running and he hates the subs running, he was just getting mentally prepared for that!

“Listen, he wants to play, John (Akinde) wants to play. Ellis Chapman wants to play. Alex Bradley wants to play, Aaron Lewis wants to play. Grant Smith wants to play. They’re paid to train, what they must do is train and keep themselves in a physical condition and mentally prepared to play when they’re selected.”

As usual, Danny was in no mood to accept any preconceptions or so-called established lines of thought about his side. Not only did he address the Bruno talk, but he also responded with a direct answer when quizzed about our change in style this season.

“A lot of people say that,” he said, when asked about the evolving approach on the pitch and whether MK Dons had experienced the same.

“But we feel it had evolved last year and we’ve tried to keep adding on to it. In fact, we know it had evolved last year. We’re always trying to improve one end without taking away from the qualities that got us here, that’s always a challenge.”



  1. I watch these interviews carefully…. DC does not like a probing question….especially one that questions the attitude of one of his players. His answer was less than convincing. If there is an issue I am sure DC will resolve it to the benefit of the Group going forward.

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