How a shrewd loan deal could see the Imps get a weekend break in early September

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

Danny has refused to rule out adding a new face to the Imps’ lineup this week and, if he’s really savvy, he might just buy himself a free week as well.

We know the boss is as canny as they come, playing the media when he needs to and understanding every little implication an action will have on his squad. This week he’s been hit with a double-whammy that he’s bound to be delighted about; international call ups.

Joe Morrell is about to join the likes of David Felgate and David Pugh in becoming a full international whilst playing for the Imps. It’s a huge honour for the young midfielder and of course, for us. Having a player of his talent getting coaching and advice from Ryan Giggs is only going to help our cause. Bristol City will be delighted too and it serves to highlight what a good place for young players this club is.

In addition to that, Aaron Lewis is now going to play for Wales Under 21s. That’s a good move for us as well, even if he is on a short term deal, it reflects well on our squad as a shop window.

The problem is a match at Wycombe is one we’re likely to target as a possible place to get a point. To not have Joe Morrell for that game is a big blow. It’s likely we’d drop Bozzy into midfield with Micky and have Cian at the back with Jason Shackell but, if Danny is really canny, it might not be too much of a worry.

“Never say never because things can happen quickly,” he said this afternoon when asked about transfers. “It’s loan signings that we’re targeting.”

Courtesy of Graham Burrell

If it’s a loan signing who is on someone’s international under 21 squad, then we could get a free weekend. Why? Because one more Under 21 player in our squad would mean the game with Wycombe could be called off due to international call-ups. It wouldn’t have to be an Under 21 player, a full international would do…

It’s my understanding that any club with three or more call-ups in their squad is able to postpone a fixture for a later date. It might be that as the two are a good percentage of our squad, Danny has cause to ask for the game to be moved anyway, but I’m not entirely sure he’s in favour with the EFL right now. However, with another player unable to play through international commitments, we’d be home and dry.

Of course, Danny isn’t going to sign a player purely on that basis, but it’s bound to be something that has crossed his mind in the last couple of hours. Whilst it’s great that players are being recognised internationally whilst at City, it could cost us in the league.

If we can get around that, it can only be good for the team.



  1. I remember Tricky Dicky. Great player.

    But I hope the Wycombe game isn’t cancelled. That’s my first game of the season!

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